Feedback 2014

A7S_29Feedback For The London Screenwriters Festival 2014

For the fifth year in a row, the festival grown in size. And this year we launched the hugely successful British Screenwriters’ Awards, putting screenwriters front and centre where they truly belong.

Here is what both our speakers and delegates said about their experience at LSF’14.

And what’s with all the F*****g Awesome feedback? You had to be there. It was a gamechanger.

Festival Feedback

  • A7S_37‘I was invited to the LSF to inspire others, but came away enriched myself. The Festival generates enough creative energy to light up Regent’s Park. If you’re serious about writing, do yourself a favour and get involved in this fantastic event – the biggest, best run, most productive gathering of screenwriters on the planet.’
    Ted Tally, Screenwriter (Oscar winner for ‘Silence Of The Lambs’)
  • john-yorke‘The LSF is simply the best event of its kind.   Great speakers, great venue, smart, sensible and provocative programming – it should be an essential event in every screenwriter’s calendar’
    John Yorke, former Head of Channel Four Drama and Controller of BBC Drama Production, currently MD Company Pictures
  • Barbara-Machin-SPEAKER-copy‘AWESOME AMAZING SENSATIONAL don’t really come close …it was a tour de force and a bloody triumph and you should feel so so proud not just of a brilliant Festival but the huge wave of inspiration and  positivity and friendship which bubbles up from the event – it’s quite palpable and vivid and a very lovely contagion’
    Barbara Machin, BAFTA winning creator of ‘Waking The Dead’
  • Lee-Jessup‘What an amazing experience. I am blown away but what you’ve put together, and the sort of serious, dedicated emerging screenwriters you’ve been able to attract’
    Lee Jessup, Hollywood Career Coach
  • 27469270.bin‘Previous years have been brilliant but this year just topped it all. Still coming down from it. Apart from being inspiring and professionally run, I also had the strong feeling that LSF 2014 was a celebration. A celebration of screenwriting and of our screenwriting tribe (to use your word!). A true festival.’
    Gordon Slack, Screenwriter
  • 1084313992‘I wanted thank you and the team for a really wonderful 3 days, although thank you really doesn’t seem enough for what you do. What you provide is so much more than the wonderful sessions, fantastic speakers, all the pitching opportunities and table reads and even the networking opportunities. You gave me 3 whole days where I could be myself, where I could say out loud that I’m a writer, without having to explain or apologise and it was wonderful. For the first time, I felt like I really belonged. Thank you for the encouragement, inspiration and the opportunity to be part of a community.  It really was a life changing experience’
    Donna O’Reilly, Screenwriter
  • 1086285333‘What you’re doing is no less than nurturing an entire industry. Almost all visual medium products start with the written word, and your festival’s concentration on craft, trade and mental state, in addition to its putting veterans and novices in the room together, is an incubator not just for British film and TV, but for the global market as well’
    Dave Young, Screenwriter
  • 1085378485‘Thank you so much for curating such an incredible festival! I had the most amazing time. I kept being impressed by the fact that you’d anticipated everything a writer needs! Most of all, I want to thank you for your brilliant keynote speech which really put us introvert writers in the right mindset to experience the festival with our full potential. Your openness filtered throughout the rest of the LSF team which created an overwhelmingly welcoming ambiance. I’ll definitely be back next year. It’s certainly the shot in the arm I needed!’
    Charlotte Essex, Screenwriter
  • 26611461‘At the end of every LSF for the last 4 years I’ve thought, ‘How are they going to make next year better?’ And every year they manage it! Not just better, but bigger, juicier, more inspiring. Still I have to ask, can you possibly make it any bigger than this next year?!
    Tom Kerevan, Screenwriter
  • 1076272238‘I wasn’t sure about coming to my 1st LSF and I had no idea what to expect. But I am so glad I did. A truly amazing experience. Too many high points to mention but thank you to Chris and the whole team for a remarkable experience. You really are ******* AWESOME!’
    Lee Crompton, Screenwriter
  • 1084008722‘I’m still recovering from the most ******* AWESOME weekend of my life!’
    Carole Parsons, LSF convert and 2015 ticket-holder! 
  • 1076805134‘I had a wonderful time at the festival, I’m still buzzing from it’
    Lucy Walsh, Screenwriter
  • 1041468812‘What I like about this festival is that time is spent to support not only learning and insight but time is spent building up a writer’s often fragile emotional and mental health.’Blod Jones (@BlodWeener)
  • 1085931744‘To be all schmaltzy about it, ‘it feels like coming home’. Such a positive and creative environment to spark ideas and people to nurture the spirit of the lonely writer. The world expands just a little as soon as you arrive at LSF.’
    Charlotte Thompson, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘It wasn’t just the energy of it all, it was the quality too. A true, life-changing experience’
    Mike Slee, Screenwriter
  • 1050350414‘Being immersed in the ‘can do’ atmosphere of the event has given me the ‘will do’ attitude I needed. The festival was full of clear, sensible and realistic advice – none of that wishy-washy stuff here!’
    Grace Dixon (
  • 1075772081‘What you have done for the delegates in LSF14 was beyond what any other festival of its kind does. Exceptional and inspirational.’
    James Hughes, Screenwriter
  • ‘A completely fucking awesome incredible weekend. I got way more from it than I expected and you can’t put a price on that.’
    Ian Maxim Martin, Screenwriter
  • ‘Between last year’s event and this one, I have been selected for an NFTS course in writing and producing comedy and am now working as a script editor.’
    Blod Jones (@BlodWeener)
  • ‘Thanks for organising the festival again – it was epic! I’m am now totally f*****g awesome and loving it’
    Libby McGugan, Screenwriter
    Annas Eskander (
  • ‘Sometimes I feel like I’m pushing boulders up a very steep hill. LSF makes me feel like other people are pushing that boulder with me.’
    Alison Down, Screenwriter
  • ‘How could you not attend LSF if you area a screenwriter. It’s our home!’
    Dee Chilton (@DeeChilton)
  • ‘The festival was amazing. I am buzzing – and I especially loved the ‘hour of power’. Congratulations to you and your amazing team’
    Colleen Burns, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I want to thank you for putting on a stupendous festival over the weekend.  It’s been truly and genuinely inspirational and I’m already looking forward to next year’
    Veronica Haidar, Screenwriter
  • ‘LSF reminds me that I AM a writer, that writing is a way of life and not just a hobby. I feel motivated, enthused, encouraged and inspired….’
    Joanna Marie Fox, Screenwriter
  • ‘Professionally the most fun and most productive three days I’ve ever spent. EVER.’
    Joanna Marie Fox, Screenwriter
  • ‘Thank you very much for an awesome and inspiring three days at LondonSWF’
    Beverly Sanford, Screenwriter
  • ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend, it was a great creativity boost!’
    Richard Pengelley, Screenwriter
  • ‘I had an INCREDIBLE time. Such amazing feedback and 3 producers totally sold on my new project and waiting for treatment’
    Janet Van Eden, Screenwriter
  • ‘I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks for the guts and emotion you and your team invested in the Festival. It was unexpected and f******g awesome’
    Michael Montgomery, Screenwriter
  • ‘It might now be the largest festival… but I keep coming back because it’s the BEST! Bloody well done!!’
    Laura Koons, Filmmaker (USA)
  • ‘I did not realize networking could be such a friendly experience.’
    Malcolm Rodgers, Screenwriter
  • ‘To get that many people in one place with a shared goal is quite something, and I feel privileged to have been involved’
    Alex Davies, Screenwriter
  • ‘Still dealing with the Festival Hangover. I think I will need to reset my brain for a whole week’
    Cesar Badell, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The LSF was the most inspiring and innovative weekend’
    Marc Carter, Screenwriter
  • 832071834I learnt tons, developed my craft and got a shot in the arm of enthusiasm and passion’
    M.C.Burns, Screenwriter
  • ‘I was able to progress the sale of my screenplay, get some legal advice and network with many fantastic writers. Tiring, enjoyable and tremendous value for money.’
    Jeffrey Crispin, Screenwriter
  • ‘I cannot thank you enough for such an inspirational, kick-up-the-ass weekend! It was like being able to breath oxygen after my head has been under water. The environment you have created at the festival is astonishingly good for the soul.’
    Sarah Frankland, Screenwriter
  • I could never have dreamt of such incredible riches just two short weeks ago. It truly was f*****g awesome! Bring on next year’
    Kim Wheeler, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I got so much more out of the event than I thought I would, or even hoped I would.’
    Chris Hearu, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘It was like a b12 shot to the soul! Exactly what I needed to make sure I stay on course for my hand-in deadline. Congrats!’
    aka Bukowski’s Bastard
  • ‘What an utterly amazing event. Had so much fun and learned a lot. Was completely worth coming from Cologne, Germany’
    Christina Gruber, Screenwriter
  • I have just been sobbing because it’s back to reality with a bang. The LSF was magical!’
    Danielle Denman, Screenwriter
  • ‘A BIG THANK YOU, for changing my life. Seriously, it was the first time I’d ever been to the LSF, and it was awesome’
    Chris Armstrong, Screenwriter
  • ‘Very, very inspiring. I went to LSF 2013 too, enjoyed that, but LSF 2014 was simply awesome. Looking forward to attending LSF 2015’
    Brenda Young, Screenwriter
  • ‘LSF has grown to be the single most important screenwriting event on this side of the pond. Amazing 3 days that keep me motivated to keep on writing.’
    Pedro Carrasco (@Easterntainment)
  • 832071834‘A most amazing and stimulating weekend. Wonderful speakers, friendly audience and the Pitchfest was superb’
    Margaret Hewlett, Screenwriter
  • ‘An awesome festival, one of the best weekends of my life’
    Bruno Catarino, Screenwriter
  • What separates the London Screenwriters’ Festival from its contemporaries is its ability to harness the energy of its delegates into a compelling creative force that one cannot bear to leave.’
    James Hughes, Screenwriter
  • ‘While it’s certainly not an easy path, feeling the collective drive of the delegates coupled with the wealth of experience and knowledge on offer has swung the pendulum for me from ‘if’ I make a success of this firmly into the ‘when’ category. I went in thinking it was a possibility; I came out knowing it’s inevitable.’
    James Sapwell
  • ‘One of the best things about LSF, apart from the awesome speakers, is being able to meet fellow writers and make friends and allies with those who really get who you are and understand the strange, usually lonely world that we writers normally inhabit.’
    Fiona Hunnisett, Screenwriter
  • 832071834The LSF fills the gap in every screenwriters’ existence – it gives you a community.’
    Ruth Greenberg, Screenwriter
  • ‘It was amazing to be a stranger, to walk up to other strangers and more often than not, find you were talking to a deeply kindred spirit.’
    Mondo Ghulam, Screenwriter
  • ‘Everyone I got a chance to see was great, I learnt plenty. Wonderful people, I’d lick their faces.’
    Valeriya Ordinartseva, Screenwriter
  • ‘There was so much content, so many great people to connect with and so many wonderful opportunities, I’ve bought my ticket for LSF 2015 straight away! The opening and closing ceremonies are worth it alone!’
    Sarah Frankland, Screenwriter
  • It was only my second time at the festival, but in some ways it felt like coming home.’
    Colleen Burns, Screenwriter
  • I write for the stage and came along to test the water… screenwriters are the friendliest bunch in the world… and the most patient!’
    Heather Dunmore, Screenwriter
  • ‘As a director by trade (TV ads), I came to LSF in 2013. Found the short script I was searching for. Made it. It got into Cannes Emerging Filmmaker Showcase. This year, I got an agent. The LSF works for me.’
    Stuart Fryer, Screenwriter
  • ‘Dave Reynolds – Thanks for being so funny and inspiring!’
    Cera Rose Pickering, Screenwriter
  • ‘I joined the ‘Them There Northerners’ group on the LSF network and before I got to the festival I had already made friends. I cannot tell you how valuable this was for a total introvert like myself. Because of these connections I have now made an even bigger circle of friends as I felt confident in talking to people knowing that there were friendly faces dotted around.’
    Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriter
  • ‘From my first year last year I have seen a tangible difference in the quality of my writing. I couldn’t wait to get back and learn more.’
    Vicky Hinault, Screenwriter
  • ‘…almost every second I wasn’t in a session listening to inspirational speakers or pitching my ideas, I was chatting to other people about their experiences…of screen-writing and life in general! What a lot of talented people there are out there!’
    Ron Middleton, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The whole experience for a young writer was game changing. I think the biggest thing I finally saw clearly was the difference between showing and telling. I’ve already scrapped seven whole pages worth of pointless text from my script.’
    James, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘Just a fantastic way to connect with other film lovers, share ideas and generally not feel alone in this crazy business.’
    Craig Griffith, Screenwriter
  • ‘I was utterly unprepared for how emotional and supportive the whole thing would be. The sessions are fantastic but they’re only half the story.’
    Michael Montgomery, Screenwriter
  • ‘LSF is not just about the speakers or sessions. It’s about networking and interacting with people who, just like me, obsess about scripts, genres, structure, etc. ..’
    Haya Husseini, Screenwriter
  • ‘It is a place where you can be a writer and not feel ashamed to say it. It is a place where everyone understands your struggle and your passion.’
    David Scullion, Screenwriter
  • ‘A friendly environment where literally anything is possible and you’re encouraged to make bold steps.’
    Philip Lawrence, Screenwriter
  • ‘Great inspirational opening from Chris set a great tone. Really friendly atmosphere.’
    Simon Preston, Screenwriter
  • ‘Is It Time To Take The Reins? session with Justin Trefgarner and Amy Mathieson – very funny, very inspiring and great to hear from people out their doing it and making it happen. I found both Justin and Amy incredibly inspiring.’
    Andrew Harmer, Screenwriter
  • ‘You want to be like Michael Keaton in ‘Multiplicity’ and split yourself to meet and see everything and everyone. Pace yourself. It’s tiring but AWESOME! Learned loads and got requests for loglines and treatments too!’
    Eileen Wilson, Screenwriter
  • The LSF is the writing family I chose.’
    Liz Holliday, Screenwriter
  • ‘There is no singular event for aspiring screenwriters anywhere on the planet that turbo-charges your career and equally as importantly, your passion, like the LSF.’
    Joe Cawley, Screenwriter
  • ‘It was great to meet like-minded people and chat about writing in a ‘safe’ environment – no one is going to look at you funny for talking ‘concept’ and character – it’s normal! A really great experience.’
    Alex Davies
  • ‘I really enjoyed LSF this year – as a writing refresher and to pick up trends within the industry.’
    Liz Cooper
  • The London Screenwriters’ festival is not just game changing, it’s life changing.’
    Gareth Yates
  • ‘The networking is almost a festival unto itself, meeting fellow creators, writers, filmmakers. And beyond the networking and fantastic sessions there is so much to take advantage of with table reads, mentor labs, euroscript sessions.. really unbelievable what is packed into the weekend by LSF, thank you!’
    John Lawrence, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The Festival gave me the rare opportunity to talk about my ideas to people who have the power to make them happen.’
    Ian Farr, Screenwriter
  • 832071834Because writers write alone, it’s sometimes hard to know how to get out there and be part of the bigger picture. The LSF Festival makes it easy. You bring snippets of the industry together in one place and then challenge us to make the most of it.’
    Debbie Owen, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The festival generated some screenwriting breakthroughs when I least expected them. Sometimes just a chat with a fellow delegate over coffee helped me to pinpoint problem areas in my writing.’
    Louise Johnson, Screenwriter
  • ‘It’s just such a fun way to spend three days, you get to meet so many people and of course talk about films and your own projects. You leave the festival feeling tired but ENTHUSED.’
    Fiona Tuohy, Screenwriter
  • ‘A buzz from start to finish, with masses of learning and networking.’
    Carole Parsons, Screenwriter

PitchFest Feedback

About the PitchFest HERE

  • 832071834‘I had such a great time at the PitchFest – it was such an interesting event and it obviously serves an incredibly important role for the scriptwriting community’
    Morwenna Gordon, Development Executive, Sky Comedy
  • ‘I got my script requested by Film4 at the PitchFest!’
    Jane Evans, Screenwriter
  • ITV want us to go in and pitch them a full series overview for our TV Drama and Carnaby are really keen to work with us to develop our second TV series idea. Amazing!’
    Gareth Meredith, Screenwriter
  • ‘I got two requests from three pitches of my feature, but oddly enough, the most productive meeting was with the producer who said ‘no’. He pointed out a problem with my story and this gave me a great idea for a rewrite’
    Ian Malcolm Helps, Screenwriter
  • ‘The experience of Pitchfest was terrifying but worthwhile as I learned so much by trying something outside of my comfort zone.’
    Siobhan McKiernan (@mck_scribe)
  • ‘Everybody I pitched to was great. Even if my project wasn’t for them, they were happy to offer me advice.’
    Edward Davenport (@EdwardDavenpor1)
  • ‘An agent from Curtis Brown told me I was exactly the type of writer she was looking for and she wanted to read my work.’
    Amy Hawes (@AmyRGHawes)
  • ‘The pitchfest session resulted in requests for scripts and written pitches from all the execs I pitched to. Which was fantastic!’
    Tracy Ann Baines, Screenwriter
  • ‘The chance to pitch to established execs and agents is worth the fee on its own – not just because of opportunities that may arise as a result, but because it gives you a good kick up the ass, makes you feel like people take your dream seriously.’
    Christian Ward, Screenwriter
  • 832071834The LSF team do a remarkable thing by bringing together a community of story tellers. This is unique. We are rarely a community – often working in isolation and often in competition with each other. Not at LSF. For three days it feels like home. I recommend LSF, not just to writers but to all story tellers – the actors, directors and producers because something quite magical happens when we mix. Ideas are generated, knowledge is shared and we inspire each other to tell stories that matter. Is it obvious how much I love LSF? I really do love it.’
    Marcus Markou, Writer/ Director ‘Papadopolus and Sons’ 

Legal Clinic Feedback

About the Legal Clinic HERE

  • ‘I’m currently rewriting a few scenes of my script in order to avoid possible legal issues flagged up in the legal clinic’
    Bruno Catarino, Screenwriter
  • ‘The legal team was helpful and encouraging and gave me some excellent advice as to how to protect my TV series idea, and avoid possible crippling legal problems later on’
    Gary Sharp, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The legal team really helped to put my mind at rest’
    Louise Johnson, Screenwriter
  •  ‘I’m deeply grateful to LSF for the opportunity to have a legal expert examine my query in such a thoughtful and thorough manner’
    Janet Van Eden, Screenwriter
  • ‘I actually have a lawyer and every time he sneezes it costs me £20. How nice to be able to ask questions and have a conversation in a non-stressful environment.’
    Carolyn Cameron, Screenwriter
  • ‘The legal clinic was invaluable. Your lawyer listened to our concerns and answered our questions completely, giving very clear and specific advice that was easy to understand’
    Carole Parsons. Screenwriter

Script Surgery Feedback

About the Script Surgery HERE

  • The script feedback was excellent. I have spent the last week reworking my script based on the feedback and it has transformed my writing. I’d absolutely recommend the scritpt clinic to anyone who knows their script could be better’
    Libby McGugan, Screenwriter
  • ‘The Script Surgery was brilliant. I was really impressed by the thorough and detailed feedback that was given.’
    Sangeeta (
  • ‘The most fun you can have with your clothes on.’
    Paul Harker, Screenwriter
  • ‘I came away from the Script Surgery with clear suggestions on how to improve my screenplay plus practical tools to help me implement those ideas’
    KT Parker, Screenwriter
  • ‘The 50 minute session is just right. I went in with an idea which wasn’t quite working and came away with a different story line and a totally different Antagonist that made complete sense. Wonderful!’
    Rita Wheeler, Screenwriter
  • ‘The Script Surgery provided excellent advice and improved my screenplay story structure. The attended lectures were of high quality and provided key advice. Being able to watch the full range of recorded sessions in the future on the Delegates Network is invaluable.’
    Gordon Slack, Screenwriter

Meet The Experts Feedback

About Meet The Experts HERE

  • ‘Brutal but honest’
    Waris Islam, Filmmaker
  • ‘Meet the Experts was the highlight of my weekend at the Screenwriters festival. Although the panel grilled me, I was prepared and needed to hear what they had to say and they have saved me, on what could of been a lot of wasted time on this project. The panel cut through the gloss and directly attacked the projects weakest spots/problems. This I feel, was worth every penny of the Screenwriters ticket alone.’
    Elkie Yates, Screenwriter
  • ‘Meet The Experts is a great place to test the strength of your project’
    Marcia Do Vales, Screenwriter
  • 832071834Pitching with Pilar was a great session, I applied the lessons immediately and got great results when attending ‘Meet The Experts’.’
    Zuzana von Schlippe, Screenwriter

Advanced Mentoring Script Labs Feedback

About the Advanced Mentoring Script Labs HERE

  • 832071834‘The Script Lab was the highlight of the weekend. The feedback, direction and exercises are vital to the development of any project, and having an expert available for a chat over the entire weekend is priceless.’
    Alex Keralu, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘What a beautiful experience LSF was’
    Jason Pittock, Screenwriter
  • ‘My Script Lab with John Yorke changed the way I look at story and pitching forever.’
    Kristina Day, Screenwriter
  • ‘Dave Reynold’s Script Lab was a career highlight for me. He threw himself into my Screenplay with a thorough understanding of the story I wanted to tell, and built on it with ideas and advice that only someone of his calibre and experience could offer.’
    Nathan Russell-Raby, Screenwriter

Elevator Pitch Feedback

About the Elevator Pitch HERE

  • 1087453011‘I did the Elevator Pitch today and it was Joel Schumacher inside! Not only did he like it, he asked me to send him the script’
    Craig Howells, Screenwriter 
  • 832071834‘I pitched to Joel Schumacher in Sunday’s Elevator Pitch.’
    Lee Nichols (@LeeNichols3)
  • ’45 seconds in an elevator pitching to Joel Schumacher was a dream come true.’
    Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor, Screenwriter
  • ‘I did the Elevator Pitch today and it was Joel Schmacher inside! Not only did he like it, he asked me to send him the script’
    Craig Howells, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘Made friends and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend……especially pitching to Joel Schumacher in the ‘Elevator Pitch’‘
    Lee Nichols, Screenwriter
  • ‘The Elevator Pitch was brilliant – very kind of him to listen to me blither on about my film.’
    Jim Eaves, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The highlight was pitching my Pola Negri screenplay to Joel Schumacher in the elevator – that was a thrill.’
    Lea Sellers, Screenwriter

Actors Table Read Feedback

About the Actors Table Read HERE

  • ‘The actors and the director were all fabulous –  I wanted to lock the door and make them read the whole script!’
    Helen Bang, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The table read was insane and reminded me why I was writing’
    Dave Young, Screenwriter
  • ‘I left the Actors Table Read event buzzing; hearing what was in my head come alive in front of me left me inspired and that what I was doing was worth it! I feel like I can do anything now. The dread of fear and failure has gone. I feel I have become the person I want to be, and that is f*cking AMAZING!’
    Edwina Tyrrell, Screenwriter
  • ‘The Actor’s table read was so illuminating – seeing what happens to your script when it is handed over to a director and actors was a complete eye-opener.’
    Joanna Marie Fox, Screenwriter
  • ‘The Actors’ Table Read was my highlight … I learned so much from the friendly and talented actors, and the director came up with an idea which dramatically improved my script.’
    Janet Williams, Screenwriter
  • ‘The table read and the pitching were wonderful, and will always be a draw for me.’
    Stephan Burn, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The Actor Table Read: I was buzzing after it. Hearing trained actors put their spin on it, I felt so inspired I carried on writing into the next session.’
    Ed Tyrrell, Screenwriter
  • ‘Actor Table Read was amazing – hearing your words like they might be on screen one day is incredible; combined with instant feedback on how the actors liked the layout and used the script direction.’
    Jeremy Caine, Screenwriter

Script Chat Feedback

About Script Chat HERE

  • ‘Please thank Dennis, Marc Munden and the cast for their generosity in the script chat – open and informative and leisurely.’
    Rebecca Handley, Screenwriter
  • ‘Jeremy Howe, Danny Robins and Jonathan Ruffle were so generous with their time in the script chat afterwards. As a writer who wishes to write afternoon drama I don’t feel like it’s unachievable.’
    Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriter

Pitch Factor Feedback

About the Pitch Factor HERE

  • ‘After the first day I was on stage pitching to Joel Schumacher and David Reynolds in the Pitch Factor! LSF not only helped me perfect my pitch, it encouraged me to face my fear head on and that’s invaluable.’
    Chris Regan, Screenwriter
  • ‘I loved doing Pitch Factor – pitching to Joel Schumacher and David Reynolds, wow.’
    Helen Bang, Screenwriter