Feedback for LondonSWF365 in February 2021

We finally have the feedback from the online LondonSWF365 Festival we ran in february and here it is…

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‘I have always had a passing interest in screenwriting and storytelling, but it was attending the London Screenwriting Festival that truly lit the fire inside, as well as giving me the tools and confidence to really start my journey.’
Darren Grenfell // Screenwriter 

‘Absolutely fantastic- a super praise to all of you amazing team of people so full of positive energy!!!!! I could NOT stop crying of emotion during Chris’ last session…’
Paola Ranson // Photographer, Screenwriter 

‘The festival was brilliant value for money and I’ve now got a number of notebooks bulging with information and ideas to read through and implement. It’s got me thinking beyond the actual writing of the script to how I can get my work produced and how this will fit in with my other writing projects so I can earn a living through my writing. A big thank you to Chris, Bob, Savannah and the rest of the team for putting on such an awesome event, full of energy and inspiration.’
Jane Rayner // Writer 

‘It was like diving headfirst into a vat of cinematic Pic’n’Mix. Which is a good thing! Amazing speakers – experts in their field and really encouraging to writers.’
Litty Williams // Writer 

‘I am now so much more aware of places to get further information and support, competitions to enter and professional organisations which can help me develop my writing further. I feel as though not only has my creativity been enhanced by taking part in the festival, but also the skills and tools available to me have been increased tenfold. I now feel absolutely elated.’
Suzanne Reddi // Novice writer 

‘The team have excelled themselves (again!) – really enjoyed it – such a wide variety of sessions, and inspirational nuggets in each! Thank you all – can’t wait for the next one!’
Alison Clapham // Writer 

‘I’ve got lots of ideas about how to rethink the structure of my writing, so much of it was applicable to novel writing as well. But it’s an interesting exercise now writing my first screenplay as I’ve often wanted to write one but didn’t have the faintest idea how to get started. I’ve got so much to get on with, now!’
Bernadette Lynn // Novelist 

‘The John McPhail interview was my favourite. Seeing the passion he has and how he has created what he has for himself was inspiring. The Lorien McKenna and Meg LeFauve session was epic, such honest advice, creative and positive ways to write and lots of humour!’
Matt Crofts // Filmmaker & Writer 

‘As Willy Russell has been my idol for most of my adult life, I would have to say that actually ‘meeting’ him online in a live Q&A has to be my all time favourite session! Thank you LSF for making one of my dreams come true!’
Deborah Jane Forbes // Screenwriter 

‘Well done all. Your generosity of spirit is a joy to see. It is great to feel a part of something bigger! You shine bright!
Hana Hall // Writer and Creator 

‘It has kicked me up the backside to get back to writing as I have had a dry spell recently partly as a result of lack of confidence. I have already booked a 1 to 1 with Bob Schultz and am now developing a number of ideas.’
Gordon Slack // Screenwriter 

‘Both of Pen Densham’s sessions were amazing. I really enjoyed the Saturday night at the movies, too. It was fun watching stuff with other writers/filmmakers this way. I loved Harriet Bratt’s Warrior sessions and Suzanne Gunderson’s Get Focused session, both very helpful to get/remain productive and focused.’
George Adler // Screenwriter 

‘The festival felt like a friend; like you were attending too. The ‘extras’ like exercise and mood boosters were a fun bonus. Obviously, the sessions were very high quality.’
Claire Doyle // Writer 

‘It sure helped me realize that writing for the industry is definitely something that can be achieved, and although I’m ready to accept it might not happen, it’s not impossible. And this made me want to write more.’
Anna // Screenwriter 

‘There was so much inspiration in that hour and a half (I messaged at one point “Savannah, don’t let them go!!” that although I’ve watched it again it’s a session that you want to watch over again simply for the pure joy of it, it was as if it was in itself a movie that had been scripted and improvised just for us.’
Leslie Grice // Writer 

‘I enjoyed listening to the talks between the key speakers and the organisers because I could sense how truly kind and honest everyone is in the writing community/LSF and that gave me a lot of motivation.’
Shana // Filmmaker 

‘Yes, I have made many connections with other writers and now have acres of notes and I am going to get an agent and prove to myself and others, that I am awesome.’
Kath Kirkland // Novelist and Screenwriter 

‘It has given me lots of inspiration, boost, energy and also brilliant advice and insights into the writing industry which I will definitely benefit from in my future writing..’
Kaisa El Ramly // Writer-Director 

‘Every time I sat in on a panel with a screenwriter, I found myself rewriting/rearranging screenplays I’ve written, assuming they were done. I now have three spreadsheets in my google docs. One for completed screenplays called “Back to the drawing board” One for development (beat sheets) and budding ideas. Oh, I have plans!’
Ellis Barowman // Screenwriter 

‘Did not see anything that I didn’t like, but loved Pen Densham, thought staff (mediators, tech, etc) were fabulous, especially the great Savannah and was very surprised at how much I enjoyed Caroline Ferguson, ’cause she inspired me to get moving. And also love, love Pilar Alessandra (‘course, am a student of hers) and therefore also a Carol Kirschner fan, who I first saw in one of Pilar’s classes.’
Chris de Leon // Writer 

‘Thank you Savannah and everyone else ! I learnt a lot and got the scriptwriting resources for good value.’
Saif Ramzan // Filmmaker 

‘Loved everything about this amazing festival – the tone, the incredible high quality of speakers, great use of online technology, the networking and practical exercises. Brilliant!!! Thank you so much.’
Barbara Allen // Screenwriter 

‘I loved the discussion with Paul Hirsch editor on Star Wars among many other films and the wonderful mix of writers and industry professionals with their great advice. It really felt like a community throughout the month.’
Lynne Fredlund // Filmmaker and Writer 

‘It has made me evaluate more and I believe I will find it easier to pinpoint what’s not working in my scripts and well as what is.’
Jacqueline Davies // Screenwriter, Podcaster, Performer 

‘This festival was so comprehensive. I don’t have enough fingers to count off all my favourite parts. From broad topics, to detailed sessions, there was literally something to enhance every aspect of my writing process.’
Julie Sandwell // Screenwriter 

‘I think it’s increased my understanding of what makes a great script. I’m excited about that as I know I have it in me to improve my work.’
Abi Smith // Screenwriter 

‘I’ve had a really mental month with lots of career stuff being up in the air but LSF has kept me grounded and reminded me that I’m a fucking amazing warrior and that I CAN do anything that I put my mind to (with a bit of hustle, time management and self-belief!) I’ve had three really amazing opportunities land in my lap all at once (including a paid commission for a TV movie!)’
Cera Rose Pickering // Screenwriter, Actress, Novelist 

‘The festival has reinvigorated my writing and to focus on putting the tips and techniques leant into practice. Also to continue to network through future courses.’
Barry Lewis // Scriptwriter 

‘After last year, I started a production company and between then and now we’ve shot two shorts, two commercial social media videos, issued a short story, started a podcast and a patreon. As a result of seeing Joey Tuccio talk last year, I entered their diversity competition, and although I didn’t win, he loved my script so much that he sent it to a production company and set up a GM for me. I cannot thank LSWF enough!.’
Emily Isaacs // Writer, Filmmaker 

‘Clive Frayne’s Writing the Producible Screenplay included some excellent advice. Sara Harkins’ vociferous views on inclusivity in UK was enlightening and entertaining!’
Alison Baker // Writer, Screenwriter 

‘I’m possibly one of the more experienced at the festival, but there are always new tricks and new takes to learn. It’s a little bit like going to a religious service — you reaffirm your commitment and listen to things you may have heard dozens of times before, but something will strike you as being relevant to where you are in your life right at that moment. In a screenwriting context, we are reaffirming our commitment to be the very best storyteller we can be, our willingness to strive for excellence and the sense of belonging to our tribe!’
KT Parker // Writer, Producer 

‘I loved all of it but particularly loved the holistic feel to the workshops with the inclusion of meditation and mindset techniques. It has been an incredibly inspiring and nurturing experience. I still have loads to catch up on but I’m excited for the future. Thank you so much.’
Sian Goff // Writer, Actor 

‘I’ve made some great new connections and learnt so much. Before I didn’t even have a good sense of what I didn’t know… Now I’ve got a really clear understanding of the gaps in my knowledge and skills so that I can go out and fill those in to make sure I’m in the best place possible to achieve my writing goals.’
Alexia Casale // Writer 

‘I learned and developed from every single session. I loved John McPhail, Iain on the Blacklist and Steve Kaplan on Comedy. Pat’s ‘Script in 30 days’ also pushed me to do more writing in a month than I ever have, while ‘Developing the Female Gaze’ really made me think and we had the lovely Bob and Savannah to jolly us along and join in, not always the easiest thing..’
Eileen Wilson // Screenwriter 

‘The festival reminds us of our responsibilities as creators and writers – it reminds us of what we could do in the future and what we can look back on at a time when we have tasted genuine success – not to give up, not to feel that we have failed. I am so so honoured to be part of this community.’
John Higgins // Actor, Writer, Filmmaker 

‘Always wonderful to meet other writers from around the globe. You never know where it could lead.’
Ian Davies // Screenwriter 

All sessions now OnDemand for one year // £27 // READ MORE HERE.

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