Feedback from LSF Accelerate 2019

As we skipped a year in 2019, we ran a smaller festival called LSFAccelerate. We filmed the sessions and all 2020 delegates will get access to them. Here’s what people said about the 2019 festival…

  • ‘The LondonSWF has massively awakened the fire in my belly that was starting to fade. I am overwhelmed by the amount of dedicated and wonderful human beings I’ve listened to and made connections with over the last two days.’
    Alex Davies, Screenwriter
  • ‘It was awesome – thanks to the whole crew! Doesn’t seem fair to pick out sessions, but the script to screen and the Q&A with Christopher Hampton were sublime.’
    Matt White, Screenwriter
  • ‘It was great and it made me realise how incredibly massive LSF always is. Team LSF really is remarkable and I thank the day you decided to take on this task.’
    Leilani Holmes, Screenwriter and Actress
  • ‘All of it was awesome. This was my first LSF and to say my expectations were exceeded is an understatement – I met some fantastic people, got asked for outlines by three producers and learned as much in a weekend as I did on my MA Scriptwriting course! Dominic Morgan was a tour de force, David Pope clarified how to add layers of subtext in a way nobody else has, and thanks to Sam Horley, I now know how to get producers to read my script!’
    Suzanna Cardash, Screenwriter /
  • ‘I am totally buzzing with new energy and excitement about the industry, and feeling like I have many more options open to me, which is way more than I could have possibly hoped for.’
    Kathryn Sillince, Screenwriter
  • ‘The whole weekend was amazing but that session with Matt Charman will stay with me forever.’
    Eva Adams, Screenwriter
  • ‘I’d been wondering how you could “elevate” this weekend above other LSFs… but boy did you and the team do it!!! Outstanding!
    Vera Mark, Screenwriter and Filmmaker
  • ‘Unforgettable. Outstanding. Still buzzing!’
    Abbie Heath, Screenwriter
  • ‘It was was huge! A brilliant weekend. Fun and inspiring – if only the whole world could experience something like this! Thanks everyone for making this awesome.’
    Richard Osborne, Screenwriter
  • ‘Such a brilliant event! Lots of thought-provoking sessions, and an amazing ‘Bridge of Spies’ script to screen’
    Alison Clapham, Screenwriter
  • ‘Great speakers, engaging sessions, intimate atmosphere. The new-style PitchFest was great – I had requests from nearly everyone I pitched to.’
    Danielle Wager, Writer, Filmmaker / @WagerDanielle
  • ‘Loved the format … smaller is better. Great speakers and great titbits of information.’
    Nat Nollid, Writer / @plancommonsense / @natnollid

  • ‘Great talks which were both instructional in terms of how the industry works and inspirational; a unique opportunity to hear from people who are doing daily what we dream of.’
    Navdip Sandhu, Screenwriter
  • ‘A kick in the ass to get writing! Invaluable access to pitching. No nerves, total confidence – thank you! Find your tribe! Tell your story!’
    Daniel Flint, Bad-Ass Writer / @wlmshakespeare
  • ‘The speakers were extremely “on it”. Loved the networking and even met a writing/filmmaking couple who literally live down the road from me.’
    Pat Harvey, Writer, Artist, Producer /
  • ‘I liked the format and the quick useful lectures, which were more digestible and fun, and the panels. The highlights for me were Dominic Morgan, Chris Hampton, Peaky Blinders and Bridge of Spies. Loved the traditional PitchFest and every person I pitched to said they would read my script.’
    Thesy Surface, Writer (who sometimes acts), Beauty Blogger
  • ‘Helped me fix a problem in my screenplay I didn’t even know I had!’
    Rob Wood, Writer /
  • ‘I had been trying to write a film for two years…now I have a strong outline and will start writing tonight! The speakers were very generous with their knowledge and have given us hope.’
    Oluyemisi Wada, Filmmaker, Writer / / www.asakeproductions
  • ‘The speakers were amazing! I got a lot of useful tips and contacts!’
    Wojciech Filaber, Writer
  • ‘I particularly enjoyed Bridge of Spies, the Genre talk and the writing exercises. I brought along an old forgotten idea for a movie, and now I’m inspired to work on it and take it forward.’
    Guy Micklethwait, Storyteller
  • ‘The speakers were excellent and I had the opportunity to pitch twice, which resulted in five producers taking my one-pager.’
    Paul Arrowsmith, Writer /
  • ‘The best thing I’ve gotten out of LSF is my circle of writing friends; we turn to each other for support as we get those words on the page!’
    Aideen McCarthy, Writer, Director

  • ‘Lots of great sessions and variety, and I’ve made new friends. I was particularly inspired by Christopher Hampton’s interview.’
    Bryony Quigley, Screenwriter
  • ‘Lots of different types of talks – I especially liked the ones on data and subtext – and Bridge of Spies was awesome!’
    Hari Kanth, Filmmaker, Comedian /
  • ‘Relaxed, uplifting, inspirational, open, honest and extremely encouraging; so much talent and knowledge coming from that stage!’
    Mera Kalam, Writer
  • ‘LSF always curates a brilliantly diverse range of speakers to suit all career levels and needs. People always advise that it’s best to form a human connection with producers, and I was lucky enough to have this happen here.’
    Nathan Hughes, Writer, Director /
  • ‘A great variety of perspectives from Hollywood pros and legends to our own contemporaries, and well-structured between industry and craft. The writing exercises helped me turn my long-grounded script on its head and map out a new way through, firing me with enthusiasm. I enjoyed spending the weekend in script-land!’
    Giles Sparrow, Writer / @gswrites
  • ‘A great networking opportunity. I succeeded in interesting one of the execs I pitched to. Loved the in-depth insider knowledge!’
    James Alexander Allen, Writer, Director
  • ‘So many great speakers and no need to choose as I was able to see them all. LSF and Talent Campus 05 had prepared me so well for pitching that I had numerous requests for my one-pagers for several different projects. I really enjoyed Matt Charman’s insights on collaborating with and being rewritten by great filmmakers on Bridge of Spies, and it showed me that maybe it’s not all scary!’
    Susan Vermeer, Screenwriter / @cyclosusan
  • ‘Informative, passionate, supportive; challenges you to be your best … At the pitching session, four producers requested my film and TV series treatments. The highlights for me were the Bridge of Spies Script to Screen, Genre Trauma, Dominic Morgan, John Yorke and Writing for Netflix.’
    Steven Butler, Scriptwriter
  • ‘Sensational speakers! I’ve never been in tears at the end of a conference session before! From newbies to TV stars and global industry giants; a huge range of experience, insight and knowledge – but all delivered with passion!’
    Matthew White, Writer / @Tree_and_Troll

It was an amazing experience and if you would like to attend the next London Screenwriters’ Festival you can get your pass below…

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