Heros Journey Christopher Vogler to attend LondonSWF’17… Attend his 1 day class for £99

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We are delighted to announce that screenwriting and story legend Christopher Vogler will be attending the London Screenwriters’ Festival this September.

Christopher will be joining an ever growing and impressive list of speakers for this years line-up, including Die Hard screenwriter Jeb Stuart.

Christopher wrote one of the biggest selling books on story and screenwriting, The Writers Journey, expanding on Joseph Campbells seminal (but very dense) Hero Of A Thousand Faces.

He used to work for Disney and famously wrote an internal memo about the patterns and structures he saw in the best Disney films. That memo become story lore in Hollywood, before he expanded it into his best selling book. You can read that original memo on our site HERE.

Chris will be running a number of cracking sessions at the festival, as well as running whole day on The Hero’s Journey in 2017 as part of Festival week (on Thursday 14th September). That standalone day is just £99 inc VAT (and followed by Pilar Allesandra on pitching in the evening).

For me the hero’s journey is the most flexible and powerful story models – in many ways it’s more like a pattern. Unlike other ‘structures’, it is fluid and entire stages can easily be omitted or re-ordered.

The Heros Journey feels both ancient and mythic but at the same time, extraordinarily relevant and contemporary. I interviewed Christopher a few years ago about it which you can see HERE.

Chris’ classes often cost upward of £300 so it’s a rare opportunity to hear one of the greatest speakers on story and script for the lowest price you will ever find.

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You can sign up to the one day masterclass HERE for £99
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You can read more about Christopher Vogler HERE.

If I am honest I am dizzy with excitement as for me, Chris’ work resonates more deeply than any other screenwriting teacher on the planet.

I cannot wait!

Chris Jones