Meet the team

Staff and team on stage at festival closure @ London Screenwriters' Festival 2013The London Screenwriters’ Festival is run by screenwriters, producers and filmmakers just like you.

And we believe passionately that we are all in it together.

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Festival Staff

Chris Jones

Chris Jones – Creative Director

Guerilla filmmaker, educator and screenwriter Chris runs the festival

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Judy Goldberg

Judy Goldberg – Festival Manager

Screenwriter and Producer Judy makes the festival happen

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Lucia Landino

Lucia Landino – Delegate Support

Lucia heads up the office and is the first person to turn to if you need help and support.

Lucy V Hay

Lucy V Hay – director of education

Lucy is a screenwriter, script reader and novelist

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Guido Lippe

Guido Lippe – Speaker Liaison

Script editor, writer and now the festival's point of contact for all its marvellous speakers.

Oliver Purches

Oliver Purches – stage manager

Oli is a writer, director and actor who oversees stage tech at the festival

Dan Burman

Dan Burman – Actors Table Read Producer

Heading up the ATR, who is English / German bilingual who you last saw alongside Brad Pitt in 'Allied'

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Emma Hallewell

Emma Hallewell – Festival Support

Screenwriter with a love of stand-up comedy and cheesy quotes.

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Maureen Hascoet de Cuestas

Maureen Hascoet de Cuestas – Producer

Putting together an extra special series of sessions at the festival.

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Viktoria Tolidou

Viktoria Tolidou – Delegate Support and Tech Wizard

Delegate Support and Tech Wizard

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Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz – Festival Production

Senior staff at the festival, Bob helps organise everything and mentor Talent Campers.

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Lisa Shelley

Lisa Shelley – Festival Producer

Lisa often sits in the corner getting up to mischief when she isn't working miracles for us

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Zsofia Szemeredy

Zsofia Szemeredy – Festival Co-ordinator

Zsofi loves films, tv, festivals, sci-fi, period dramas and Star Wars above everything else.

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David Jacobson

David Jacobson – Festival Co-ordinator

Writer, Director, Producer, Historian. Huge Jackson fan. Peter not Michael.

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Tracey Flynn

Tracey Flynn – Cover Designer

Former screenwriter turned artist, Tracey creates continuous-line architecture prints and expressionist mixed-media paintings.  

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Leilani Holmes

Leilani Holmes – Official LSF Blogger and Tweeter

Leilani an actor/writer/director live tweets and blogs from the festival seminars and events. Hashtag: #LondonSWF

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Gail Hackston

Gail Hackston – marketing and PR support

Gail is a screenwriter and digital marketer

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Sebastian Solberg

Sebastian Solberg – Awards Photographer

Filmmaker and photographer, Seb will shoot the stills for the British Screenwriters Awards

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Piers Beckley

Piers Beckley – website manager

Piers is our web wizard

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Filming Crew

Simon Cox

Simon Cox – Camera Team Co-ordinator

LSF crew veteran, Simon will be directing the filming crew with Seb.

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Sound Team

Andrew McGee

Andrew McGee – Festival Support

Recent Film and Literature graduate from Warwick University, director/writer/editor and lover of all things sci-fi.

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Louisa Hayford

Louisa Hayford – Bookstore Manager

MA Screenwriting/Playwriting graduate. Loves to read, laugh and provide commentary for 90's Jean-Claude Van Damme films.

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Support Team

Ciara-Louise Glover

Ciara-Louise Glover – Festival Support

BU scriptwriting student with a keen interest in organising events.

Ellie McCandless

Ellie McCandless – Festival Support

Cat lover, pizza enthusiast, film and television appreciator. Living vicariously through stories, so why not create them?

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Elvina Quebral

Elvina Quebral – Festival Support

An extraterrestrial dreamer who adapted human qualities, moved to earth and plans world domination.

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Giuditta Rem Natale

Giuditta Rem Natale – Festival Support

Unicorn whisperer, Empress of Drag Queens, Semi-pro astronaut. Now Assistant Director, aspiring Script Supervisor

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Irina Mugford

Irina Mugford – Festival Support

I am a media graduate, passionate about reading and writing alike.

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Jesse Atta-Hayford

Jesse Atta-Hayford – Festival Support

A young man trying to incite change.

Justyna Nowicka

Justyna Nowicka – Festival Support

I’m an ambitious daydreamer and a nature lover with a strong work ethic and positive attitude. Hungry for new experiences.

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Katarina Mihalkovicova

Katarina Mihalkovicova – Festival Support

Writing about books, films, film festivals, myself, my fictional self and many other fictional and non-fictional selves

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Laurah Furner

Laurah Furner – Festival Support

Dedicated to developing accessibility for artists in the UK, and has worked with a diverse range of cultural institutions

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Lilli Lehmann

Lilli Lehmann – Festival Support

I am a creative and reliable cosmopolitan story-teller. My various journeys around the globe inspire me.

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Marie James

Marie James – Festival Support

Story loving writer, producer and collaborator

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Megan Bryant

Megan Bryant – Festival Support

Aspiring scriptwriter currently studying Scriptwriting for Film and Television at uni. One day I hope to write comedy for TV!

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Neevon Khayati-Daryan

Neevon Khayati-Daryan – Festival Support

Aspiring Scriptwriter and freelance Script Reader.

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Owen Arnold

Owen Arnold – Festival Support

I'm a Pearl Jam/Kubrick/Beckett loving metal-head with a passion (and hopefully talent!) for screenwriting.

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Patrick Peter Rosmæl Kleven

Patrick Peter Rosmæl Kleven – Festival Support

Aspiring writer and Norwegian

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Rachel Tookey

Rachel Tookey – Festival Support

Rachel Tookey is a writer and director for theatre and film. Her work has been shown in London, Edinburgh, and New York.

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Sean Curtis

Sean Curtis – Festival Support

Maths and Physics student who writes and makes films in his spare time. Co-president of University of Warwick's film society.

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Sophie Dawkins

Sophie Dawkins – Festival Support

An enthusiastic individual who has a passion for writing lyrics, scripts and poetry, among other aspects

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Vlad Dorofte

Vlad Dorofte – Festival Support

The best way to create the future is to create it. (Peter Drucker)