LondonSWF – 1,000 screenwriters, filmmakers, execs, producers… It’s time to ignite!

LondonSWF’17 is almost here.

It’s time to commit and buckle into the rocket that is the three day Screenwriters Festival in London from September 14th to 17th.

If you are reading this, then likely you are thinking about coming or want to know more.

Here’s the bullet points to help you decide.

It’s a three day immersion festival that will accelerate your career, expand your contacts, offer real world experience, and inspire you into massive action.
There will be around 1,000 people there, including speakers, delegates, producers, execs, actors etc.
There are around 100 sessions and events designed to get your closer to being ‘produced’. We film most too so you can catch up online with any you miss.
Pitchfest – get face time with people who can make it happen for you
See the current list of speakers HERE(more being added)
See the current list of sessions HERE (more being added)
Checkout feedback from past years HERE

All of this is of course GREAT.

But what is the main reason why we have so many repeat delegates year after year?

Three things…

One… you will leave with a new peer group. People like you. People more advanced. People who GET who you are. People who will reconnect after the festival and act as cheerleaders, coaches, champions… People come again and again because they get new relationships with people that make a difference in their writing and career.

Two… People come for the information tsunami from people who have done it. You will get to rub shoulders, chat, network and listen to those who have found success for themselves. Sometime modest success that is just one rung up the ladder from you. Sometimes mega success that leaves us all in awe. You see, success leaves clues, like breadcrumbs we can follow, patterns we can copy and pathways we can follow. This knowledge is essential for all of us.

But knowledge is meaningless with without the third element…

Acceleration. LondonSWF is like rocket fuel for screenwriters. You will leave inspired and focussed in a way that you have not felt for years. You will leave with a peer group who is equally charged and primed for massive action. Seriously, your friends and relatives will likely comment ‘who is this new you?’

Relationships. Knowledge. Accelerant… It’s time to ignite!

Finally, if all this sounds a little scary, you should take the plunge.
The moment you walk into the venue you will find you immediately feel at home. You will be welcomed like an old friend. By Sunday will not want to leave. Yes you will be challenged, but you are ready for this adventure. And you will be shoulder to shoulder with so many others just like you.

Get your pass HERE.

Chris Jones

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