LondonSWF 2020 only 91 passes left…

Yup, we have had our best kick off to any festival EVER with 58% of passes sold already… for an event 19 months away that is nuts! So THANK YOU to everyone who continues to keep the LondonSWF the most outstanding event for screenwriters on the planet.

We now have 91 Early Bird Tickets left. Once they are sold, they yes, they are gone forever and the ticket will go up. So as of writing you have 91 tickets ahead of you before you commit one way or another.

You can pay outright at £280 or you can stagger the cost over 18 months at £14.95 a month.

LondonSWF 18 videos

Also, buying a pass for LondonSWF2020 is the ONLY way you will get access to the 50 or so videos filmed at last week at the festival (unless you came in 2018 in which case you also get the videos) as we are moving to a new video portal for filmed sessions later this year.

And if you can’t make it, you can let us know up to 45 days before for the festival in 2020 and we will give you a refund (we may charge an admin fee). If it’s after 45 days, you can roll your ticket over to the nest LondonSWF.

  • Dates: April 17th to the 19th 2020 (after Easter)
  • Festival Week: April 14th to 16th 2020
  • Opening Party: April 16th 2020 (evening)
  • FULL PASS FOR LondonSWF 10 is £348 discounted to £280 for next 100 tickets.

We just posted feedback from this year here…

And you can grab your pass here…

OK… Commit to the cheapest pass that will ever be sold for LondonSWF2020 and get onboard the rollercoaster.

Chris Jones