LondonSWF365 Feedback… What do delegates say?

What have our delegates been saying about THEIR online experience with LondonSWF365? You can now sign up for the February month long festival HERE.

  • ‘I cannot quantify just how monumental an experience LondonSWF365 has been for me. As a carer of two disabled children, and having physical energy limitations myself, I’ve never been able to attend the screenwriters festival before. Although some things may have been lost for regular attendees, for someone like me, it has opened up my writing world enormously. To be able to sit in my front room and ask questions of great screenwriters and producers while still able to keep an eye on my sons has been utterly amazing. I’ve made new connections with other writers, and connected with writers I already knew. Being online is still an exciting and special experience, and I’ve learnt new things about production as well as writing, and it’s always nice to see information you already knew confirmed as good advice! The only trouble I’ve had is in keeping up with the huge amount of events that are on, and I sometimes have to catch up on the following day, but that’s only another positive in just how much is being produced by the amazingly hard working team. I will be back every year until I die!’
    Emily Isaacs, Screenwriter
  • ‘Thank you so much to LondonSWF. It has helped me to become a writer ( a dream I have had since I was 8 years old!) The events are inspiring, full of wisdom, insight and information from people who care about using their knowledge and experience to help others. The sense of community it creates is extraordinary. I just can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!’
    Varsha Shah, Screenwriter
  • LondonSWF365 is blowing my mind, it is on a whole different level! I cannot thank you enough. Just brilliant! Thank you!
    Ros Jones, Screenwriter
  • ‘This LondonSWF365 is actually pretty cool. It’s a weird surreal sci-fi time but it feels connecting in a bizarre way.’
    Allan B. Hill, Screenwriter
  • ‘What an epic festival!’
    Alison Hume, Screenwriter
  • ‘The team running this festival have created something of EPIC proportions and I’m in complete AWE of all of them. This event is LIKE NOTHING ELSE – the variety of opportunity and access to SCREENWRITING GOLD is phenomenal.
    Thank you Chris and the team – you have played a BLINDER ???‍♂️?‍♀️’
    Lisa McMullin, Screenwriter
  • ‘LondonSWF365 has been so informative, fun, engaging and inspirational. It has given me a new positive outlook on screenwriting and re-ignited ideas and the passion I have for writing. The awesome work that goes in to this by the team is very much appreciated. Thank you’
    Matt Crofts Next Scene Films
  • ‘Thanks so much for all the hard work on the festival so far. Loving it! I would never have been able to attend in London as I’d be leaving 6 kids behind, so for me, this is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.’
    Amy Sparkes, Writer
  • ‘Thoroughly recommend. It’s been wall-to-wall fabulous.’
    Lynda Kennedy, Screenwriter
  • ‘The London Screenwriters’ Festival Online has exceeded my expectations in every area. Above all, the other delegates and the LondonSWF team make it feel like far more than a festival – it’s a family. A family where you hang out on zoom with Iain Smith (Producer of Mad Max: Fury Road) anyway!’
    Savannah Morgan, Screenwriter
  • ‘I’m so grateful to you, I can’t even put it into words. The longer I’ve been a delegate of the Festival, the more I understand how lucky I am to be a part of this highly educative and tremendous Festival. Thank you, thank you so much.’
    Kate, Screenwriter
  • ‘I have participated in many online activities, such as an RTA Masterclass, BFI, BFTA… but I want to say that this London Screenwriters’ Festival is the best one I have experienced since I came to England. I really hope it can continue and I hope I can learn more here like everyone else, and become friends with everyone.’
    Li Ding, Screenwriter
  • ‘Everything has been fantabulous!’
    Pea Woodruff, Screenwriter
  • ‘I would also like to use this opportunity to give you (and your team) a big personal THANK YOU for the festival you’ve put together. It is my first experience and I’m LOVING it.’
    ‘Thanks for creating some structure in the chaos of a zoom café session with dozens of people! It was my first and absolutely loved it and definitely will do it again. Anyone who hasn’t tried it: DO IT. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow writers and learning of the amazing projects they’re working on — feeling excited.’
    Anne De Korte, Screenwriter
  • ‘The whole LSF365 experience has been phenomenally inspiring’
    Cat Joyce, Screenwriter
  • ‘You are doing an amazing job. Everyone I’ve told LondonSWF about  has signed up. It’s seamless yet so authentic and grassroots vibe… Yet high end! Congratulations!’
    Hana Hall, Screenwriter
  • ‘Just want to say a huge thank you for putting together LondonSWF Online. I’ve been absolutely blown away by so many amazing speakers. Huge, huge thank you to all involved.’
    Caroline Knudsen, Screenwriter
  • ‘I’ve forwarded info to a number of writers across the globe. This is a fantastic lifeline for us all. Thank you, from the depths of my heart. Plus, I’m shouting this from the rooftops – even though I’m shielding.’
    Deborah M Hodgetts, Screenwriter
  • This is my first ever LondonSWF and I have to say it’s been amazing. I’ve learnt more in two weeks than I have in a 6 week course AND it has cost me less.
    Jordan Lonsdale. Screenwriter
  • ‘This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for me as I have a disability and wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise. I am truly grateful and really enjoying the experience.’
    Deborah Jane Forbes, Screenwriter
  • ‘I must congratulate Chris and the LondonSWF online team for making this happening. If there’s anyone out there who’s rocking the pandemic, it must be you guys!
    Roma Raju, Screenwriter
  • ‘It’s been amazing!’
    Shari Ayres, Screenwriter
  • ‘So grateful for being able to participate this time! I haven’t experienced the physical festival before but it seems that this new format has opened so many opportunities and made it accessible and affordable to many like me! Thank you Chris Jones and all the LondonSWF365 gang for this amazing opportunity!’
    Fernie Mary, Screenwriter
  • ‘Incredibly easy to navigate. The app is brilliant. Communication has been first class. Well done to everyone involved.’
    Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriter
  • ‘To everyone involved with LSF Online, I just wanted to show my gratitude for setting everything up online in these difficult times. Thank you for beinge innovative, creative and giving us so much value!’
    Rebekkah Irene Skjæveland, Screenwriter
  • ‘I’ve been engaging with the festival events for several days now, and just wanted to say that this is the most brilliant, insightful and substantial screenwriting and storytelling event I’ve ever experienced! The level of access, answers and inspiration is unparalleled. Thanks again to Chris Jones and EVERYONE working the festival during these unprecedented times. You are making it look like a pandemic never happened, let alone delivering this festival right smack in the middle of one.’
    Nikhil Kamkolkar, Screenwriter
  •  ‘The lineup has truly been outstanding!! Far exceeding my expectations so far. Congratulations to the whole team for a job well done!!’
    Tom Lockridge, Screenwriter
  • ‘Thank you so very much for awesome events so far. Initially, I wasn’t sure about this event being online (not being tech savvy myself) but it has surpassed all my expectations! Each session has left me inspired, energised and taught me something new – example how to use the phone to write draft 0 in 30 days, how to make dialogue more authentic, how to use other medium like audio books for those scripts on the shelf, and how to give depth to characters and emotionally move an audience. So much more takeaways! I must now digest them before the next day! Can’t wait!’
    Ruth Ayisi, Screenwriter
  • ‘This festival is getting better and better every day. Thanks all of you for this fabulous opportunity! I am so excited to move into this unknown world hand in hand with many professionals, humble writers and active support from the LondonSWF365 team’
    Silvia Brodi, Screenwriter
  • ‘I wanted to thank you and the team for putting on the most amazing festival this year. I’ve been to LSWF twice before, and this is the best yet. It’s actually brought structure to my day during Covid, as I have 3-4 sessions with top Film and TV people to listen to and engage with in Q&As. Your zoom cafes and writing exercises have been great for networking and have also kickstarted my writing, which completely dried up at the start of the pandemic. In the smaller breakout rooms, I also feel more comfortable meeting new people, as it’s less intimidating than entering a huge room with hundreds of people. Thanks a million to all of you. You’ve created a virtual festival like no other. Well done!’
    Joe Solomon, Writer/ Director
  • ‘I LOVED this experience and learned so much. I don’t think in an onstage event I could have observed so much of this valuable information AND have the option of listening to it again and again, when needed. Thank you for making this festival such a valuable and amazing experience. This past month has been the BEST EDUCATION in scriptwriting I ever had and the impact on me is HUGE…’
    Vered Neta, Screenwriter
  • ‘Suddenly my quarantine life made sense and I was lifted up and motivated. And it’s not just the festival, but you and your team who brought happiness and hope into our homes.’
    Stefania Orion, Screenwriter
  • ‘Lockdown might have been in place, and with it came challenges here at home, but my laptop screen became a portal to another world of energy and creativity and hope and faith. And belief in the work people strive to do as best as they can. As the Festival went on, I had a deep sense of something profound and important coming to birth, and that at the heart of it, making it happen, were generous creatives and artists, who were also human beings in the fullest sense of the word. Truly thank you very much for having the vision and courage to put this on.’
    Anita Reid, Writer
  • ‘A wonderful, insightful, cascade of events, not just focused on the art of screenwriting, but the many facets of the business as well. Also a wonderful way to meet fellow writers (I think I’ve added 20 to my Facebook friends).’
    Mark Flood, screenwriter
  • ‘This is such a perfect mix! I’m an ambivert, and LSF365 is both sociable AND introvert-friendly! There’s a thrill in communing together in chat during a live session but when I can’t pull an Aussie all-nighter, then having the sessions On Demand is such a fantastic resource. I’ve often rewatched a livestream immediately the live event finishes to consolidate, concentrate and reflect. An incredible value-for-money resource. It’s flexible and practical, and the positive friendly vibe of the live festival has miraculously survived the interwebs! Bravo!’
    Trish Curtin, Screenwriter, Australia
  • ‘Thanks to Covid-19 I was able to attend LSF 2020, otherwise, as a Canadian, it would never (okay, maybe not never, but highly unlikely) happen. Excellent speakers and interactive features.’
    Wyatt Lamoureux. Writer, actor, novice filmmaker
  • ‘The world outside made the meetings/classes/zooms all the more precious. It was a place to be, to learn, to have like-minded souls to keep warm in a huddle. So much to learn. So much experience was unloaded in the blink of an eye. There’s always a run up to these talks – usually with an outline of the speaker’s achievements – the greater the works – it tends to follow the nicer/more human the teacher. A truly wonderful bunch of souls – who talked on my level, directly to me.’
    Bobby Stevenson, Writer
  • ‘The festival provides unparalleled access, advice and feedback to professional writers, agents and executives.’
    Jason Fairley, Director
  • ‘I’ve been listening to the writers of A Quiet Place, managed to get a question to the writers of Face/Off, listened to the wisdom of John Yorke, Christopher Vogler and many others. Pretty much every day for a full month I’ve been enjoying the screenwriters’ galore that’s LSF online. On my own couch, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.’
    Susan Vermeer, Screenwriter
  • ‘Many thanks for the fantastic moments of an unforgettable enjoyment. Thank you for the inspiration and support. Thank you for the opportunity to meet all those wonderful people. Chris and the LSF team, you’ve created something so powerful and magic, that will make a difference in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’
    Ekaterina Raznitcyna, Screenwriter, Director.
  • ’A rich and rewarding festival that has given me the tools to elevate my stories more.’
    Jaye Nolan, Screenwriter
  • ‘The online LSF festival has been immensely helpful, so many highlights & great guest speakers, also enjoyed the online interaction with the writer community and made new friends. It’s been very timely due to my weak health meaning I wouldn’t have been able to attend in person so this has been fantastic!’
    Tas Malle, screenwriter
  • It’s been absolutely brilliant and I wouldn’t hesitate signing up for the next one! It’s wonderful not to have to travel into London and there is a wealth of information and motivation available.
    Amy Sparkes, screenwriter and author
  • ‘I’ve actually been quite busy with work… and then there’s family stuff in the evening, God bless them, so I haven’t had very much time to watch sessions… but the stuff I have seen I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve even enjoyed the occasional technical snaffooz. We’re all learning how to use new – and useful – technologies. That’s a big positive. Well done everyone.’
    Graham Drysdale, Lecturer & Screenwriter
  • ‘Just what I wanted. Thank you. You have provided an abundance of screenwriting wisdom and a space to build community right when we needed it most. So many speakers were illuminating and profound. I am treasuring the practical advice as well as the invitation to delve deeper into story. I hope to keep and build on the connections with people I have met here. Bravissimi!’
    Deborah Belford de Furia, screenwriter and script consultant
  • ‘Amazing. My knowledge and appreciation of the craft has improved tenfold. My learning has accelerated more in the past month than in the past year. The London SWF 365 has proved to be an absolute goldmine  – cannot praise it highly enough! Well done Mr. Jones and your amazing team for making this incredible event happen in such a reliable and affordable way.’
    Darren Grenfell, Screenwriter
  • ‘Having been to previous LSF events in London and found them excellent because they covered aspects of production as well as screenwriting. Despite being involved with filmmaking for many years but not being a screenwriter, I was a little nervous to join the coffee morning zoom groups for live chat. I needn’t have been, the people there were great, they shared their passion for writing and it was good to share all that knowledge and make new contacts as well.’
    Roger Mullins, Filmmaker
  • ‘The festival experience has been a thousand times bigger than I expected, but also a million times closer and more friendly than something this big has any right to be. An amazing collection of writers, film-makers and educators on my computer and in my ears. And I’ve made new friends, and found new heroes. Thank you to the whole team!’
    Matthew White, Screenwriter
  • ‘I found the festival a funnel of creative energy which I tapped into during a time when the world was in crisis. It stopped me from feeling overwhelmed by it all and I focused instead on what I could control; myself. During the festival, I wrote a feature, several short screenplays, made a short film and entered several competitions. LondonSWF is like my energizer bunny. It allows fires me up, recharges my creative shields and gives me the courage to keep on trying.’
    Mark Renshaw, writer and creative
  • ‘Amazing and exiting a combination of learning professional development and networking.’
    Niki Lambropoulos, Screenwriter
  • ‘This has been and it is amazing! I just wish I had more time to watch all the events live. I´ll keep watching them on demand. You guys have been incredible and have adapted so well to every circumstance! You have been improving every time. I have seen the evolution and I love it! Thank you!’
    Stephanie Melega, Animation Screenwriter
  • ‘It has come as a breath of inspirational fresh air! Considering what’s been going on in the outside world, this has been the pick me up that I needed and reminded me what a special place the Festival creates for everyone. Thank you all as you’ve adapted and worked your socks off every day to improve it from session to session!!!’
    Hector Figueroa, Screenwriter
  • ‘This online Festival has been the BEST thing that came out of the COVID-19, Not only was it packed with amount of knowledge, information and top notch experts it gave me new directions of HOW and WHAT to write about and gave me back my trust and confidence it can be done even in these times. It was a beacon of light in this lockdown and I was looking forward to each session and connecting with people. The fact that I can watch any of the presentation whenever I want is just the BEST thing that could happen as it makes it beyond just an experience it turns it into an online University.’
    Vered Neta, Screenwriter, Director & Author
  • ‘One word. Brilliant! Due to LSF365 Lockdown in  May and June has been pretty awesome (All things considered)! And all for a fiver a month! Have you been bored? I haven’t. Can’t keep up. Well done y’all! Can’t wait to see you in person someday soon and give you all a hug!’
    Stephanie Ginger, Screenwriter
  • ‘This was my first time attending LSF as I finally felt like I could afford it. It has been wonderful getting to interact with other writers and I feel like I have learnt a lot. It has also helped to build my confidence in who I am as a writer and to not be scared about getting my work out there.’
    Helen Ward, Screenwriter
  • ‘Most sessions have left me inspired, energized, and taught me something new. It’s a great community to be a part of; the festival goes beyond the story, giving important life lessons too. The only session I did not find useful was the one given by the psychiatrist on pitching.’
    Ruth Ansah Ayisi, journalist and emerging screenwriter
  • ‘LondonSWF365 has been an extraordinary achievement, put together at the last minute – a month long series of events all online that has helped educate, entertain and inspire me. I would strongly recommend it to anyone and it has been a valuable experience and helped shape and develop my own craft in ways I never thought possible a month ago. Thank you guys!’
    George Watson, Screenwriter
  • ‘It’s been great. I’ve gained valuable insights, both in terms of screenwriting and the business, which I’d never have been able to access in the festivals usual format. A huge thank you to all involved.’
    Debs Fisher, Screenwriter
  • ‘Impressively organised. Great roster of speakers. Extra shoutouts  to Pat Higgins – so insightful, inspiring and deeply motivating. His talks have been very helpful.’
    Anders Brendstrup, Screenwriting Student
  • ‘The festival was energising, enlightening and made me want to write more.’
    Chris Gorley, Screenwriter
  • ‘My profound gratitude goes to Chris Jones and everyone who assisted him in making the London SWF365 Online the prime source of guidance and inspiration for us screenwriters. In this challenging time, we not only survived, but thrived.’
    Jazmin Pulli, Screenwriter
  • ‘This has been an absolutely fantastic experience, I almost feel indebted to the pandemic, it has made this a positive outcome as I couldn’t get to London to visit the festival. There was so much to absorb, learn and be inspired by, hope you can do it again next year. Thank you!’
    Sarah L Harbour, I have a 5 year plan… it involves writing a lot!
  • ‘The sessions that have come to life due to the skills, dedication and dogged determination of the 2020 London Screenwriters Festival 365 (the online festival) have been phenomenal. I have learned so much my head is on the verge of overflowing. I’ve come away with a multitude of ideas to explore, methods to use when editing my current scripts and to apply when writing new stories. I’ve met many talented, friendly and supportive writers, and look forward to seeing them again in the Zoom Cafe and catching up in chat rooms. Above all, I’m impressed and amazed by the generosity I’ve seen at every juncture, you can’t come away from this Festival without hope for the future.’
    Wendy Jones, Screenwriter, Visual Artist
  • ‘My life is hectic so it’s difficult for me to timetable events. Having all the sessions available on-demand is a godsend. It also means I will watch more of them on spec because I don’t have to be so precious with my time.’
    Tom Nolan, Writer
  • ‘Within 3 hours, I realised why my scripts weren’t selling and that an early piece of career advice had been wrong.’
    Karelia Scott-Daniels, Screenwriter
  • ‘I had planned a trip to London, from Melbourne, months ago with the intention of pitching my first TV drama pilot at the LSF in April 2020, but instead of flying to London, and along with the rest of the world, by early March I went into lockdown. I cancelled my trip, settled in and started working from home. Chris kept the communication constant as he and the rest of the brilliant LSF team spent those weeks analysing possible alternatives, firstly postponing the April dates then pushing the entire festival to 2021, which was completely understandable but not acceptable to Chris, who continued to brainstorm other options. Within a couple of weeks, the LondonSWF365 online alternative was announced, with the technology in place (how on earth?) and now we are almost at the end of what has been an utter and thrilling success.A month of listening to speakers who are simply the best in the business. The energy has been palpable – I can feel it from here. The talks are fresh, honest and current and having the opportunity to ask questions in a live environment is just so impressive. The moderators have been amazing and I have felt like I’ve been part of something vibrant and alive and continually evolving. The biggest thing I have learnt from everything I have listened to, is that I was nowhere near ready to pitch my script.Instead, I will continue to work on it with renewed enthusiasm, being able to refer back to this incredible resource whenever I need to. And I know when I get another chance to pitch, I will be prepared and it will be the best it can be, and I give all credit and thanks for this invaluable experience to the irrepressible and exceptional Chris Jones, Bob Schultz and the LondonSWF365 team.I can not thank you enough.’
    Bridie Hanifee, Writer
  • ‘Love that we can watch so much On Demand, as I live in the eastern US and the time zone issues can be a challenge.’
    Stephanie, learning the ropes 🙂
  • ‘It’s been excellent with some great sessions with experienced and highly skilled professionals. The technology and enthusiasm made it a must attend event. Some sessions could have had better more focused interviewers – sorry  and in the spirit of being helpful – everyone was passionate but not necessarily the best at enabling the interviewees to part with their thoughts.’
    Neil Penswick, writer
  • ‘Such a great idea and very well executed. You guys far exceeded my expectations! So inspiring, such great topics, something for everybody. Well done!’
    Tom Lockridge, Writer/Producer
  • ‘A great festival for me. Had my first script read and was interviewed. Met some great people who I hope to stay in touch with.’
    Ian Davies, screenwriter
  • ‘It’s been awesome, especially because I feel reconnected with my screenwriting tribe. The sessions have reinvigorated my writing mojo which has been missing during this difficult period.’
    Fiona Hunnisett, Screenwriter


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