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The M.A. in Serial Storytelling at the ifs internationale filmschule köln is Europe’s first master’s degree program focusing exclusively on writing for TV series and other serial formats. Collaboration, innovation, and screenwriting are the core aspects of this medium-residency program featuring an international track as well as a German track.

SWF_image_MASST_DSC_0030The curriculum aims to deepen the understanding of what makes TV series successful, and encourages students to actively participate in pushing the boundaries of storytelling formats. Taking its cue from the writers’ room – a unique form of teamwork that combines efficiency and creative collaboration – the M.A. in Serial Storytelling allows students and lecturers to explore and experiment with narratives. Students analyze dramaturgy, process, and production of successful TV programs, and consequently develop innovative serial concepts of their own. Apart from subjects like series dramaturgy, -history, -financing,
-producing, and -distribution, the program places a special focus on teamwork and artistic research.

SWF_image_MASST_DSC_0018During the two-year program, leading writers, producers, and commissioning editors share their experiences, while acclaimed screenwriting teachers provide
theoretical input and dramaturgical support.

Guest lecturers for the first two cohorts included Lisa Albert (Mad Men), Jane Espenson (Game of Thrones, Battlestar Gallactica), Frank Spotnitz (X-Files, Hunted), Hagai Levi (The Affair), Ingolf Gabold (Borgen), Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Borgen, Follow the Money), Matthew Graham (Life on Mars), John Yorke (Life on Mars / Into the Woods), Morgan Gendel (Law & Order, Drop Dead Diva), Anna LeVine Winger and Jörg Winger (Deutschland 83), Annette Hess (Ku’damm 56), Michael Gantenberg (Unter Verdacht, Nikola), Janna Nandzik (About: Kate), Peter Nadermann (The Killing, The Bridge), Phil Parker (The Art and Science of Screenwriting), Thomas Schlesinger, and many more.

Jane Espenson und Brad BellWhile lectures and seminars are held in English, for the practical part of the program, students may choose to write in English for international audiences
(international track), or in German with a focus on German-language markets (German track).

The program offers interest-free student loans and two full scholarships.

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.) | Duration: 2 years | Tuition per semester: € 3.000 (international track) / € 1.900 (German track) | Language: Seminars: English. Projects: English or German | Residency: max. 11 weeks per semester | Start: September 2019 | Application: from autumn 2018

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