Pen Densham: A phenomenal session that left me speechless by David China Woolf

While talks preceding the ‘Robin Hood: Price of Thieves’ Script to Screen with Pen Densham were interesting and informative, this was the moment I realized attending the festival was the right move for me.

It is my first time attending the London Screenwriters Festival. I wasn’t certain what to expect.

Nevertheless, the Q&A session with Pen Densham rose to the level of revelation. Pen made himself readily accessible as if he were ‘one of the guys’.  Without any celebrity pose, he shared his insights and sources of inspiration with us. He described in great detail about the processes that are taking place within him when writing; his personal tragedy and its impact on his work touched my heart.

Without a hint of condescension, he answered the attendees’ questions at length and patiently, adding in his experiences from different perspectives. The sense was that his mouth is a spring of water and we, the attendees’, do not want to stop drinking. This was a “Master Class” in the full sense of the term.

I don’t know if I will be able to sell my first screenplay or any other screenplay I will write, but what I do realize is that I will keep writing. As Pen said, “If it’s in you, write it…”.

If I had concerns and doubts about my writing, Penn managed to instill in me deep confidence. After all, in his view, there are no rules in writing. And thus, I do not have to limit myself to lines that do not exist at all.

I have the feeling that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I glanced at the expressions of others in the Zoom meeting during the Q&A session; it was no surprise to see I wasn’t the only one with a slanted lower jaw.


My name is David China Woolf and I am from Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. I am a screenwriter. I have finished writing my first 125-page Social Drama.
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