PitchFest Booking Is Now Closed (but will re-open if you did not get a slot)

This year the first slot for PitchFest went in seven seconds. By 12:30 all slots had been taken. Believe it or not, that is not our record fastest!


Even though I clearly stated IN BOLD TEXT and REPEATEDLY in comms that you can book just ONE slot at the PitchFest, some have booked more than one.

We were also clear that if you booked more than one slot we would delete ALL your bookings and you would need to start again.

To that end, PitchFest booking is now closed.

Lisa will go through the bookings and remove any people who did make multiple bookings and we will re-open PitchFest booking for any delegate who did not get a slot this time round.

The second round of bookings will open on Monday evening at 7:00pm UK time.

If you want to connect with Lisa about your booking you can do so at lisa*at*londonswf.com.

If you did not get your confirmation email when you booked, check your spam folder.

Chris Jones