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Untitled-2It’s one thing sitting in an audience listening to that producer, agent or writer… it’s an entirely different thing getting real face to face time with them

(right Christopher McQuarrie ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ and ‘The Usual Suspects’ talks with delegates in a script chat).

That’s why we setup ‘Script Chats’, special, intimate and informal chats with speakers that take place directly after their sessions.

‘Script chat was the best thing at the festival for me. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk to the speakers in such a personal, comfortable atmosphere.’
Gemma, Writer

At the end of each session there is a half hour break where you can spend time chatting to speakers in depth. And you are not limited to half an hour, these sessions have often run on for an hour and a half. And even our biggest names have held Script Chats, including Tim Bevan, Stephen Frears, Dave Reynolds, Griff Rhys Jones, Stephen Mangan, Jessica Hynes, Chritopher McQuarrie, Carl Gottlieb and Tony Jordan.

I then sat at a small table with Stephen fricking Frears and chatted with him. I chatted with Stephen Frears!"

Lisa McMullin, Screenwriter

Lisa McMullin, Screenwriter

You do not need to book a place at the Script Chat sessions, though sometimes it can get a little busy. On the whole, even our biggest names attract only a dozen or so people, many of whom drift away after a short time.

Please note that not all speakers will be available for Script Chats for a number of reasons.

After the Festival I have faith in my ability to network and have come away with interesting contacts and greater faith in my writing and understanding of screenplays."

James Jay, Screenwriter

James Jay, Screenwriter

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