ScriptUp Solutions

The London Screenwriters Festival is pleased to announce a partnership with script consultancy ScriptUp for its 2021 edition. 

Over the past two years, ScriptUp has brought together a band of agency staff and production company readers to provide writers with industry-informed feedback on their work. ScriptUp aims to be more than just a script coverage company — their detailed script reports and video call sessions help screenwriters in three main areas:

  1. 1. In accessing a level of feedback usually reserved for writers represented by agents or managers.

  2. 2. In anticipating how an agent, manager, production company or competition reader will respond their material. 

  3. 3. In improving their writing with the help of detailed feedback.

Writer feedback has been outstanding so far, with the service averaging 4.92 stars out of 5 on third-party review sites.

In their first year, ScriptUp worked with over 200 writers to fine-tune their screenplays. The team has built partnerships with top production companies both in Europe and the US, saving time and money for producers by offering an out-of-house development department for coverage and script editing. For individual writer clients, this ensures that ScriptUp’s advice is informed by an up-to-date knowledge of producer appetites. Key titles that ScriptUp consulted on last year include KINGSLAYER, THE NET, THE ISLAND OF THIRTY COFFINS, and the fourth season of the award-winning BABYLON BERLIN (ARD, Sky, Netflix). ScriptUp is also an affiliate member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain. 

At LSF 2021, if the event goes ahead in-person, ScriptUp will be running ‘meet, greet and collaborate‘ sessions at its on-site stall. 

Writers can drop by to: 

  • Get to know the team and learn more about how ScriptUp can help improve their work.
  • Practise pitching story concepts and discuss initial screenplay ideas.
  • Collaborate with a script consultant on polishing a logline. 
  • Get practical feedback on the opening pages of their screenplay.
  • Arrange custom services such as proofreading, editing and doctoring. 
All consulting will be free of charge and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In the meantime, writers wishing to get in touch in advance can contact the team here, or call +44 207 039 3737.