ScriptUp Solutions

The London Screenwriters Festival is pleased to announce our new partnership with script feedback service ScriptUp for our 2020 edition. Over the past year, ScriptUp has brought together a band of literary agency staff and production company readers to provide writers with industry-informed feedback on their work. Their goal is to help writers anticipate how their work will be received by industry gatekeepers, and to improve that work to reach its full potential.

ScriptUp Solutions:

This year, ScriptUp has partnered with LSF to provide an in-person feedback service live at the festival site. Spaces are limited, and bookings are now open via their website. By submitting your script, you’ll guarantee a cover-to-cover read from an experienced screenplay consultant.

BOOK NOW – £59

The live feedback service includes a full read of your screenplay (feature or TV), in addition to a PDF of prompting questions for your next draft. On the day, your ScriptUp consultant will talk through their notes (including premise, story structure, characterisation and dialogue) in a 30-minute clinic, engaging you in a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of your material. The discussion is a relaxed chance to conduct a focussed analysis of your work, and to workshop revisions for your next draft.

ScriptUp are happy to work around your availability; they’ll find a time that suits you over the course of the festival – you won’t have to miss an important seminar or networking opportunity.

Over the course of the festival, their team members will also be reviewing loglines, discussing problem pages and workshopping character concepts with any writer who cares to drop by their stall. From first-timers to full-timers, they’ve got your back!

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