Second Round… Congratulations to the successful screenwriters selected for Labs 4-9

Congratulations to the successful screenwriters selected for Labs 4 – 9. All submissions are now closed, except for our brand new script report offer … Check your inbox for links.

OK standing ovation please !

LAB 4Post-option script development with Neil Thompson

  • Alexis Howell-Jones
  • Anson Gordon-Creed
  • Julian Chomet
  • Linda James
  • Ibrahim Ali
  • Rick Limentani

LAB 5Post-option script development with Thembisa Cochrane

  • Amy Amani
  • Cate Wood Hunter
  • Dee Chilton
  • Denise Likomeno
  • Sadie Fisher
  • Vicky Ellis

LAB 6Writing for the soaps with Lisa McMullin

  • Christina Yianni
  • Desi Lyon
  • Marzio Valdambrini
  • Medelia Jesselyn
  • Sarah Cassidy
  • Tamsin Larby

LAB 7Writing authentic female characters with Joanna Tilley

  • Adam Nelson
  • Caroline Knudsen
  • Christopher Lang
  • David Roberts
  • Michael Barmish
  • Tas Malle

LAB 8Career Bootcamp with Lee Jessup

  • Alberto Ferreira
  • Cera-Rose Pickering
  • Clare Delargy
  • Lee Crompton
  • Simon Frederick
  • Tina Steffan

LAB 9Working in Hollywood with Ned Dowd

  • Alistair Martin
  • Emanuele Trapani Bellotti
  • Hamish M
  • James Allen
  • Kim Angelica Head
  • Maurice C. Kenny

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