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Alasdair Melrose

Producer | Dutch London Pictures
Alasdair Melrose headshot

Alasdair is a producer and the founder of Dutch London Pictures. He helped produce Ben Rider’s Indie feature Suburban Coffin (2018), Baden Burn’s University short The Langford Loop (2018) and Dutch London’s first three projects, Dona & Vixen (2020), BUG (2020) and Rose Muirhead’s Mama’s Watching (2021).

Dutch London Pictures looks to develop the offbeat, quirky and weird. They are looking for confident and clear, collaborative writers, who know their stories, their characters and why they need to be shared with the world. They prioritize the writing before anything else and will listen to stories in any genre, old or new. They are looking for 90-minute features, 15-minute shorts and new ideas in film and digital narrative to startle the world.