Anthony Joblin

Actor, Development Executive | Renaissance Films
Anthony Joblin headshot

Set up in 1989, Renaissance Films has been producing award-winning global feature films ever since.

Anthony joined as Head of Development in 2015 and is currently responsible for identifying new concepts, original screenplays and adaptations. His main focus has been establishing relationships with new writers and directors, reinforcing the companies history of backing up and coming creative talent.

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Anthony Joblin is appearing at the following sessions:

Acting Up: Writing to Attract the Killer Cast

Acting Up: Writing to Attract the Killer Cast

We all do it. Imagine our favourite actors saying our lines, maybe even write roles for a specific actor – without any notion of how to make that fantasy a reality. In this session, you will hear directly from professional actors what they look for when a script comes across their desk, and what turns their “Maybes” into “Yeses”.