Chris von Daehne

Creative Executive | Envision Entertainment
Chris von Daehne headshot

Envision is on a mission to create the franchises of the future by embracing new talent, technologies and territories. Envision Entertainment is a London-based production company specialising in premium scripted series and film with global appeal. It was recently announced that Envision’s genre label DB Films, led by HARRY POTTER producer David Barron, has been awarded a grant from the BFI’s Global Screen Fund to help create a slate of elevated British genre films with strong commercial potential.

Looking for:

Our ambition is to create entertaining horror/thriller films with clear high concepts and well developed characters at a sub-$5m budget. We intend to work with established UK filmmakers as well as international directors looking to move into English language, and are actively seeking out projects that are true to their genre, subversive, and tap into our current society’s greatest anxieties. We ask writers to consider: What scares us now?