Harriet Bratt

International Speaker, Trainer
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Harriet Bratt is an international speaker, trainer, fire walk instructor and WARRIOR. Her mission is to empower people globally to Unleash their Warrior within, to step into their personal power and learn to master their mind and communication – and, in turn, to Master their Life.

Everything in our external world is a reflection of our inner world, so in order to create change, achieve success and master the life we deserve, we must take time to work on ourselves.

Harriet uses experiential breakthroughs to support you in upgrading your programming and mindset, especially with Confidence, Connection and Communication. She feels truly blessed to have spoken around the world, sharing stages with other leading speakers and working closely with female entrepreneurs to help them not only perform to their best but to communicate in an effective and engaging manner.

Let’s Rise Together.

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Harriet Bratt is appearing at the following sessions:

Being A Great Writer Is More Than Great Writing with Gary Goldstein

Being A Great Writer Is More Than Great Writing with Gary Goldstein

Hollywood producer and worldwide inspiration Gary Goldstein is back to strengthen you as a creative mastermind – not just a writer.

Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Wednesday

Supporting YOUR story! You have a great idea, You decide to write your story but the overwhelm of doubt, procrastination perhaps fear shows up? Harriet will share with you how to manage your mindset and Unleash your Warrior Within to inspire you to enjoy the process and create your passion.