Ian Shorr

Writer, Producer and panda enthusiast
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A graduate of the USC screenwriting program, Ian Shorr is a prolific spec-hound and genre aficionado. His spec sales include Warner Bro’s Cristo, Fox’s Capsule, Paramount’s Infinite (starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Antoine Fuqua), and Orion’s 10-31 (directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero and produced by Eli Roth), all of which were featured on the Black List.

Other produced credits include Magnet’s Splinter and Sony Crackle’s Office Uprising, as well as episodes of Training Day on CBS and Deputy on FOX.

Ian lives in Los Feliz with his wife Makaela and young son London, and is repped by John Zaozirny at Bellevue.


Ian Shorr is appearing at the following sessions:

Embracing & Ignoring Screenwriting

Embracing & Ignoring Screenwriting "Rules" with Ian Shorr

Which “rules” lead to success (if any)? Which ones should writers ignore? Ian Shorr (Inevitable) returns to talk about the closest thing there is to a guaranteed path to success.