Jade Alexander

Producer, Little Jade Productions
Jade Alexander headshot

Little Jade Productions was founded in 2010 as a vehicle for exciting science fiction, fantasy and other genre projects. Our ambition is to create thought-provoking genre films based on high concepts and sophisticated themes. We would like to expand our slate of films, and are looking for smart sci-fi scripts with a strong female emphasis, which also pass the Bechdel test.

Previously we’ve produced After Death (2012) starring Nick Moran, Leslie Philips and Paul Freeman, and recently the renowned sci-fi short A Perfect Soldier, which screened to great regard at the BFI at the opening of the SCI-FI-London International Film Festival… MORE

Little Jade Productions are looking for female focused sci-fi, fantasy and genre projects in film, games and new media. We welcome writers/directors from underrepresented backgrounds. It is preferable to have at least two credits on previous projects (shorts/features/commercials/tv/games).  We do require all scripts to pass the Bechdel test.

Little Jade Productions creates fantastic genre stories for audiences that transcends traditional boundaries, blending film, games and new media to tell stories that impact, educate and inspire.

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