Jamal Awar

Executive | Heavy Lifting Company
Jamal Awar headshot

“Currently serving as an executive in the film industry and a Ph.D. candidate, my journey through the world of cinema has been both broad and deep, spanning acting, directing, writing, and producing roles. My professional path began on the stage in 2010, evolving over the years to embrace the multifaceted challenges and rewards of bringing stories to life behind the camera. This transition has not only enriched my practical expertise but has also informed my academic pursuits, allowing me to explore the intersection of film theory and practice at the University for the Creative Arts.

Based in London, my current focus extends beyond the boundaries of traditional filmmaking, as I seek to foster innovative narratives and collaborate with creative minds eager to push the envelope. My role in the industry, coupled with my academic background, positions me uniquely to mentor and guide emerging talents.

As I attend the London Screenwriters’ Festival, I am particularly excited to engage with writers who bring fresh perspectives and bold ideas to the table, looking forward to discovering stories that resonate and challenge the status quo.”