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James Ganiere

Development-Writer-Producer-CEO - Rio Vista Universal
James Ganiere headshot

James Ganiere is a, TV Academy Executive, Emmys Judge, producer, writer, director, professional speaker, educator, USC School of Cinema alumni, CEO of Rio Vista Universal, a Hollywood entertainment (development, finance and production) company and Chief Editor of Fallen Angel Press with Amazon best sellers, Fantasy (Fairelle series), Paranormal, Sci-Fi.

James is always looking for the next mountain to scale from being the youngest Boy Scout ever to an expert fixer with past clients ranging from Hewlett Packard where he headed the World Wide Database Team saving over $36 million to State and Federal agencies, to establishing the first U.S. Bank presence in California.

James thrives in both finance and creative rolls, holding numerous licenses, from securities and insurance, to real estate and general contractor.

Currently he has a slate of 30 deals including producing 3 films with Bruce Logan (cinematographer – Tron, Star Wars IV, 2001: A Space Odyssey), and has completed negotiations on another $10 million sci-fi thriller film with distribution and pre-sales.

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