Jonathan Ruffle

Writer & Producer
Jonathan Ruffle headshot

Jonathan is currently the showrunner for Tommies, a four and half year long real-time radio drama on BBC Radio 4 about British and Indian Army signallers in WW1.

Jonathan was a writer on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and a Radio 1 producer for Simon Bates and Steve Wright. He’s written TV tie-in books, gagged up hundreds of TV shows, presented radio travel documentaries, was the man behind Len Deighton’s Bomber in the 90’s and exec-produced the most-hated comedy series ever on Radio 4.

He attributes his fearless attitude to undertaking any new commission to having once worked with Bobby Davro.

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Jonathan Ruffle is appearing at the following sessions:

Going Wireless: Writing for Radio

Going Wireless: Writing for Radio

Come and hear from the writers who are making waves in radio today; and find out directly from the Commissioners what they’re looking for, where they go to to find it and what the possibilities are for you in this always thriving medium.