Kira-Anne Pelican, PhD

Script Consultant and Researcher
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Kira-Anne is an independent script consultant, researcher and lecturer, interested in the application of psychology to the understanding of screen characters, in order to increase audience engagement.

Drawing on twenty-five years of experience working in the film and television industries in the UK, US and China, she has worked for directors including Stanley Kubrick and the Coen brothers, and clients including ESC Entertainment (Warner Bros.), the BBC and ITV.

 Kira-Anne is the Founder of London-based script consultancy

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Kira-Anne Pelican, PhD is appearing at the following sessions:

Deep Characterisation through Dialogue

Deep Characterisation through Dialogue

How can we create nuanced, engaging and believable characterisation through dialogue? Drawing on the latest psychological research, screenplay excerpts and film clips, Kira-Anne Pelican will show us how to create greater dimension in our characters.