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Louisa Caine

Founder | The Pause Before
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Live your best life

Louisa loves seeing people thrive and organisations flourish. Bringing together her love for employment law, mindfulness and coaching.
Whilst working a full-time career in employment law, in a fast-paced, competitive, demanding, uncertain and stressful world of corporate and private practice, Louisa founded The Pause Before.

She noticed that the faster life became, the more mindfulness and meditation she did to simply pause, before taking her next step, whether it was finding a creative solution to a problem, juggling competing demands, dealing with a difficult situation or resisting the need to reach for another coffee.

For many taking a pause seems counter-intuitive instead there is an adrenaline-rush of work harder and longer, lunch at your desk approach to life, which only too often leads to burn out, illness or imbalance.

Giving yourself permission to pause creates a space for something new, creative or innovative to unfold or a different choice or reaction which leads to a new outcome.

Through her trainings and daily practice she discovered many effective techniques to improve focus, resiliency, decision-making, creativity, stress-relief, calmness, energy and sleep. She began to share these with friends and colleagues who wished that they had known about them earlier and soon become the “go-to” in the office for wellbeing.

Fusing coaching and mindfulness came as a real “aha” moment to Louisa as she realised the transformative power of combining these practices to lead her own best life and also saw this in her clients.

Louisa recently worked 4-days per week as in-house Employment Counsel at the Corporation of Lloyd’s in the City of London and Sydney, where she was also a Wellbeing Champion. This gave her the space to offer coaching and mindfulness to our partners, and set up the pro bono Minded Clinic in Camden, London.

Her passion continues and she loves sharing mindfulness and coaching to people and organisations who really want to make a difference.

We are grateful to have collaborated with some amazing partners who are taking mental health and well-being seriously, for whom well-being is not simply a tick box exercise but a mindset and cultural shift throughout the organisation.

Contact Louisa at louisa@thepausebefore.com and https://www.thepausebefore.com/

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