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Mary Kate O Flanagan

Screenwriter and Script Consultant
Mary Kate O Flanagan headshot

Mary Kate O Flanagan is a screenwriter and script consultant.

She trained as a screenwriter with the professors of The University of Southern California. Later she was invited to train as a tutor of screenwriting under their guidance and since 2006, she has designed and delivered training in the craft of screenwriting across Europe and in Africa. In 2011 she was awarded a bursary to do advanced training in teaching screenwriting. This took place under the guidance of her mentor and colleague, David Howard, Professor at USC and author of The Tools of Screenwriting and How to Build A Great Screenplay.

She works with writers and producers internationally, helping to shape and polish stories by emerging and established screenwriters. She is a little uncomfortable with the title Script Doctor and prefers that her collaborators think of her as their script midwife.