Robert Jones

Executive Producer, Movie Financier
Robert Jones headshot

Robert Jones is the co-founder and owner of The Fyzz Facility, a mega-prolific British production and finance company. So far The Fyzz Facility has raised over $250m in film investment, producing and part-funding over 200 independent feature films over the last five years with aggregate budgets in excess of $2 billion.

Robert Jones’ extensive credits prior to The Fyzz Facility include THE USUAL SUSPECTS, GOSFORD PARK and THE CONSTANT GARDENER as well as Paul Thomas Anderson’s HARD EIGHT, Stephen Frears’ DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, and Mike Leigh’s VERA DRAKE.

Robert Jones is appearing at the following sessions:

2:00pm Zoom Room Conversation with Producer Robert Jones

2:00pm Zoom Room Conversation with Producer Robert Jones

Executive Producer Robert Jones has worked with everyone from Robert Altman to Christopher McQuarrie, from Keyser Soze to a man-eating Great White Shark. Join the Zoom conversation with a man who is more than an executive. This guy produces.