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Tarini Anand

Executive - Roadmap Writers
Tarini Anand headshot
A student of Criminology at Cal State LA, Tarini got her professional start at IPW (International Properties Worldwide) where the CEO was Marc Toberoff, who from 2008-2011 was one of the Seven Most Powerful People In Hollywood.

Tarini sharpened her eye for talent and predicting the next big thing working under indie producer J. Todd Harris (BOTTLE SHOCK, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, LATTER DAYS, JEEPERS CREEPERS, SUPERCROSS), where she also gained a working wealth of knowledge about remakes and Intellectual Property (IP) Law. In this position, Tarini was intrigued by the American remake of THE GRUDGE and, smelling a trend in the market, presented a list of 26 foreign horror films ripe for a remake (22 of which have since been remade). This is also where Tarini honed her eye for talent, as every single writer she recommended from the company’s submission pile went on to become a six figure writer.

Currently, Tarini serves as the Director of Education for Roadmap Writers as well as an analyst at Artificial Intelligence, where she assesses scripts for top international distributors at major markets such as AFM, Berlin, and Cannes.