Talent Campus 5.0 Applications Close This Friday!

Talent Campus is the advanced programme that we run for Screenwriters who want to rapidly advance their career. You can read about it here…

And make your application here…

It’s an intensive experience that will challenge you, your stories and push you way outside your comfort zone. Because success does not live on the sofa watching Netflix.

As one past delegate put it, ‘Talent Campus is like Rock and Roll for screenwriters…’

Come take the stage, join the band and prepare for some power chords!

Chris Jones

Some thoughts from Talent Campus 4.0 delegates…

‘I was floored by how approachable and genuinely helpful all the guest speakers were’.
Barbara Skubic – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘I came to the Talent Campus a fearful, nervous Screenwriter and came out a fearless warrior!’
Maurice C Kenney – Screenwriter // 5 Stars

‘Talent Campus showed me how to not just be another writer, but BE a writer! The speakers were amazing, how Talent Campus got them is beyond me’.
Luke Graves – Screenwriter & Filmmaker // 500 Stars (out of 5)

‘My fear has gone south! Now my life will go in the opposite direction’
Rachel Hanks – Screenwriter // 10 Stars (out of 5)