Ten reasons to come to the LondonSWF launch on Wednesday 14th June with Ken Loach

IMG_0749When: June 14th
Where: Regents University, London
How much: £9 / Tickets limited
You do not need to be a LondonSWF delegate to attend.

So it’s the LondonSWF Launch this week (June 14th) – it promises to be an inspiringevent and the PERFECT way to kick off your festival journey.

“But it’s a school night …!” you wail.

Tsk, well chew on these reasons why you should be there – or be SQUARE…

  • 50 Kisses Premiere_831. Networking
    There’s an old saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” Well, as it happens it DOES help to have talent and hard work behind you, BUT you also need to meet people, too. Hundreds or writers, producers and the press will be at the launch party next week, so it’s the PERFECT time to mingle and get your name and projects OUT THERE. What are you waiting for?
  • NEES48402. Practice your pitching
    Some writers believe that pitching is only for pitchfests, or worse, query and cover letters. Booo! It’s possible to pitch your way around the WORLD if you master the art of delivering your logline conversationally. True fact! This means you’d be able to pitch all night at the launch party AND people won’t think you’re a try-hard. What’s not to like?
  • 50 Kisses Premiere_413. Get dressed up!
    As writers, we’re used to fielding emails, blogging, tweeting, Facebook and – oh yeah! – screenwriting in our pajamas. So the launch party is the night to get funky and dress to impress … When else are you going to do it, when the postman delivers a package? (Ooh matron).
  • Saturday_13_Meet Chris McQuarrie_0124. It’s just nine QUID!
    Look, we know for many that # money’s too tight to mention (MONEY!) # at the moment … But five quid will get you quality networking and screenwriting insights and wisdom on June 8th. So if you can’t make the main event, this is YOUR CHANCE to experience the LondonSWF vibe at a fraction of the price … And if you ARE coming to the festival, EVEN BETTER!
  • 5. Ken Loach will be there!
    His filmography is extraordinary and includes ‘Kes’, ‘Riff-Raff’, ‘Hidden Agenda’, ‘Raining Stones’, ‘Carla’s Song’, ‘My Name Is Joe’, ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’, ‘The Angels’ Share’, ‘Jimmy’s Hall’… There is no doubt, Ken Loach is a national treasure, even if he would himself disagree (he turned down his OBE when offered).
  • Regents Collegeome of the London Screenwriters Festival6. Scope the joint
    The LondonSWF launch party will be at Regent’s Uni, the premiere location for the main LSF event every year. If you’ve never been, then the party will allow you to scope the joint before you go to the main event in September … and PLAN YOUR ATTACK so you don’t miss out on any of your intended talks, panels and workshops.

  • NEES48337. Make an impression
    The poet Ibsen said, “A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed” – since networking is KEY for the successful screenwriter, you could leave a great one at the launch party, IN TIME for a reprisal in September! What could your great impression be?
  • IMG_72178. Photo on the red carpet (optional)
    Did we mention there would be a red carpet? What’s more, our pro photographer will take your photo, which we release via our Flickr account for YOUR use in your PR. When networking is key and making a good impression so important, this is a great FREE opportunity to show your best side via your website and/or social media accounts.
  • 9. More Ken Loach insight
    He is prolific. Uncompromising. And above all, a seeker of challenging and difficult truths as told thorough the lens of profoundly human stories. Join us for a conversation with one of the most outstanding British filmmakers working today. Imagine what we can all learn from him.
  • Delegates_04310. Your LSF journey will begin!
    Commit to the 8th of June and commit to your LondonSWF journey: the main event might seem a hundred years away right now, but September is actually less than ONE HUNDRED DAYS. Yikes! So, make the most of the launch party and use as your starter to countdown to THE BIG ONE where you will make the most out of the event and up your game for three days of screenwriting awesomeness.


Team LSFx