The Shape Of LondonSWF’10 in September, both onstage in London and online

We are planning the London Screenwriters’ Festival 10 now and we will be running with a hybrid model this year. Part in person (and filmed) and part online.

We will run partly on stage in London (dates and venue are still fluid as of May 6th but we still hope to run in early September). These sessions will be filmed and will go online later should you choose not to attend in person. This will give us all the opportunity to come together. Finally! And yes there will be parties. Covid protocols in place at the time will be stringently respected to protect speakers, staff and delegates.

We will run most of the small workshops online (Meet the experts, Legal Clinic, Labs, etc.) and increase the number offered so that you get more access to cool stuff. Some of these sessions may change shape to better work online and deliver more.  

We will also run part of the main festival session online.

The Pitchfest will be increased in size and duration this year with more pitch slots available. It will also not conflict with other festival events as it is online only.

I will add regular updates to our evolving and fluid plans on this special page HERE.

Chris Jones
London Screenwriters Festival Founder

4 thoughts on “The Shape Of LondonSWF’10 in September, both onstage in London and online”

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Chris & Team,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the updates, & for pressing ahead.
    Have been hoping to attend this for years, but it’s been one thing after another personally, followed by the pandemic of course.
    Looking forward to September & will buy the actual ticket before long. They’ll be a lot of souls out there in similar positions, a bit wary but very willing.
    Best of luck to you.

    1. Chris Jones says:

      Yes and thanks for posting. It’s an extraordinary time in the dullest of ways for many of us.

  2. Paul says:

    HI, I’m sure you will cover this in time, but will the on-line/zoom parts also take place within the event-days?
    ‘bring a laptop & take a seat’ sounds fine, (assuming you have better WiFi than me in my tower block!) Thanks!

    1. Chris Jones says:

      Updates are being posted regularly now.

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