Join us for the BIGGEST online Screenwriting Event EVER! From your own home and get access for a whole year.

Join 1,000 screenwriters, producers, directors and other industry professionals for a whole month of seminars, talks and events… All live AND On Demand to watch later. It will be our best festival yet!

You can experience the online festival from a phone, tablet, computer, even the TV in your living room. There is LOTS of community chat too – connection is so important in these times.

  • Dates: May 8th to June 7th (online) additional events weekly for one year.
  • Pay £60 for the year via card or paypal HERE.
  • Full schedule HERE (more being added daily)
  • All speakers HERE (more being added daily)

The easiest and best way to attend is to just get your pass with Eventbrite below…

If you have a pass for LondonSWF 10 (which was previously called LondonSWF 2020) you already have a pass for LondonSWF365 Online. If you would like to make a further contribution, we would be extremely grateful as EVERY penny now makes a difference. You can do that HERE.

Thank you for supporting the festival this way. It makes a HUGE difference.

Once you sign up you will get access to the ‘On Demand’ section of LondonSWF 365 after the launch on May 8th. To watch events events LIVE you will be sent additional links in due course.

Want to give LondonSWF365 as a gift?

If you want to buy access to LondonSWF365 for another person, you can use the PayPal link HERE.

You can add their email and name at the end of the process so they get the pass. You rock!

What delegates say…

We have already run our first event online and here is what delegates said…

‘There was the added feature of being able to interact with other attendees in the chat box. That was a new experience and I think it really worked – it created a different kind of togetherness. Checking in with old friends and making new ones.’
Vera Mark, Screenwriter

‘Very good event. Proves that a collaborative online event of this type can be held at scale, no problem. Like how it pulled together over 100 people from around the world, who we can now network with. Listening to the panel, I took away lots of tips’
Mark Bushkes, Screenwriter

‘I’m pleasantly surprised at how connected I felt with the film community online. Thank you to Chris and the LSF team’
Dana Pierre, Screenwriter

‘This online work is a blessing in disguise as I can focus more on learning’
Cassi Camilleri, Screenwriter

‘It was a really lovely way to reconnect with the LSF experience and it was of course very insightful too.’
Rob Valentine, Screenwriter

‘It was really good. As its my first year at the LSF it was great to see what a script to screen looked like and really enjoyed the insights from the film.’
Matt Crofts, Screenwriter

‘Awesome. Very inspiring. Already made some new friends, even if only virtually yet.’
Torfinnur Jákupsson, Screenwriter

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