Top 10 Writing Partnerships From @TheScriptLab


It always helps us as screenwriters to know WHO is doing WHAT in our own industry, which is why we at Team LondonSWF think it’s worth taking a look at this Top 10 List of Writing Partnerships from The Script Lab.

Some of the names are particularly famous, especially the higher up the list you go … But it’s also worth checking out the ones that may have slipped under your screenwriting radar. Another thing worth thinking about is the fact several of the Top 10 are collaborations between screenwriters and writer-DIRECTORS.

The above means that even if you don’t fancy directing yourself, it still might be worth looking for a writer-director as so often they’re the guys and gals who can traditionally make it happen for projects. If this industry is about teamwork and relationships – and it IS! – then the notion of a collaborative partnership like this might be useful to consider.

However, where many screenwriters go wrong is in trying to team up with filmmakers “higher up” than them … Whilst obviously anything can happen, you’re much more more likely to find opportunities with people on the same “level” as you … And you can all climb that ladder TOGETHER!

So what are you waiting for? Maximise that portfolio and go find a filmmaker. GO GO GO!

Here’s that link again: Top 10 Film Writing Partnerships by The Script Lab. Enjoy!