Twisted50 vol 2 Book Deadline Approaches… Get published in 2017!



As we finalise the mastering process on the Twisted50 vol 1 audiobook (more HERE) and continue prepping for an unforgettable book launch for Twisted50 vol 1 on February 24th (you should come – more HERE, you could be forgiven for forgetting that the Twisted50 volume 2 deadline is fast approaching.

So can you write a 2,000 word story? Fewer words is even better.

Now that the Twisted50 brand is established, a best seller, with a huge Google footprint, with Amazon rating and ranking, the hard work of launching a book series has been done for you.

You can take advantage of those who wrote before you and you can step into an success story.

So tips for success with Twisted50 volume 2.

Get more Twisted. The more Twisted the better!

Edit hard. Most stories can and should be refined and this is where the feedback on your story from other writers can really help.

Read more. Offer feedback on other stories on the site and get inspired by their work and INTO ACTION yourself. Create50 is ALL about getting into action.

Do it now… Well this weekend at least. Mull it over, then write that first draft in an hour or two and upload. Then you are on the rollercoaster!

If you want to write from the darker half of your soul, then Twisted50 volume 2 is a no brainer.

Get read. Get published. Improve your writing. Improve your resume. Make new friends. Now.

You can read more about Twisted50 vol 2 HERE.

You can listen to excerpts from the Twisted50 vol 1 Audiobook HERE.

And do let your horror friends know about Twisted 50, even if it’s not your cup of blood.


Chris Jones

PS Don’t forget the Book Launch Party on Feb 24th in London, it’s going to be unforgettable. More HERE.