Want A One Day Masterclass With Scott Myers? This Saturday (May 2nd)

The Narrative Imperative in YOUR Screenplay with Scott Myers

Exploring Your Protagonist’s Psychological Journey…

You will learn how to ratchet up tension, deepen characters, and write dialogue that keeps the reader turning pages. All in one outstanding day.

When: May 2nd ONLINE (Live and on demand)
11am to 6pm GMT (with breaks)
Tickets £48.50 with proceeds going to charity

Why is the Protagonist the most critical character in your story-crafting process?

How can you use their experience in the story, their deep psychology, and their past to ramp up the stakes and move your script from ‘pretty good’ to un-put-downable?

This session was filmed to a very high standard at the London Screenwiters’ Festival and you can watch it two ways:

  • Broadcast LIVE with Scott joining us at the end for questions
  • At your own pace online.

Or watch it both ways!

Scott has asked that we donate proceeds to charity, and he has chosen the NHS Fleabag Support Fund, so that is VERY cool too!

The Narrative Imperative

The key to unlocking your story’s most powerful version and the underlying structure rests within its most central character: The Protagonist.

Every event that happens, every character who emerges, is tied to the Protagonist and their unique psychological journey.

Learn how you can delve into your Protagonist to craft your story’s structure in this masterclass with Scott Myers, screenwriter (K-9, Alaska, Trojan War), professor (DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts), and host of GoIntoTheStory.com, the official screenwriting blog of the Black List.

Scott will put ‘flesh’ onto the ‘bones’ of the age-old adage “Character equals Plot” by exploring the inner workings of such movies as The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, Up, True Grit, Bridesmaids, Juno, and more, demonstrating how the Protagonist’s transformational arc is the foundation of any story… and its Narrative Imperative.  

Scott was the highest rated speaker at LondonSWF’18 and so we can be sure that he will deliver a tour de force that will transform your story and script.

Additionally, you will get access to another four hours of world class training from Scott. The topics are Theme, and Developing Your Protagonist’s Nemesis. It’s an amazing package.

Remember this will be both live and on-demand (on demand for one year).

We tested the online course and here’s what a couple of our writers shared…

‘This is a serious must-do for any screenwriter. The beauty of being able to go at your own pace in the comfort of your own home is great. There is no pressure to take notes and remember information as it is all there. You can go back to any session, stop mid session, study the overheads or just stop to let things settle in. His logical approach and examples just make perfect sense. Just brilliant!’
Ros Jones, Screenwriter

‘Scott is a great teacher! His insight into the relationship of character and story has been revelatory for me. I now think about my Protagonist and Nemesis in a completely new way.’
Daniel Flint, Screenwriter

‘Scott is clear, effortlessly entertaining and his style is interactive; you feel like you’re in the room with him even if you aren’t.’
James Allen, Screenwriter

Some feedback for Scott from past festivals

‘Without a doubt, everything Scott Myers did was as if you could hear the penny dropping in every delegate’s brain throughout his well-reasoned and enabling lectures (plus he does a wicked Anthony ‘Hannibal’ Hopkins voice).’
Stephanie Wessell, Screenwriter

‘Scott’s knowledge, insight, depth, passion, humour and laser sharp delivery was unmatched. Each lecture he gave was rammed to the hilt with ammunition and he gave us FOUR MASTERCLASSES. Good God that was worth the price alone.’
Richard Paul Wheildon, Screenwriter

‘Scott taught me more about writing description than my entire MA did.’
Liz Holliday, Screenwriter

‘The sheer breadth of Scott Myers’ knowledge is amazing, and he knows how to share it in an accessible and reassuring way.’
Carmen Radtke, Screenwriter

‘Scott is fantastic. I was bombarded all afternoon with people saying he was the best speaker they’d ever seen at LSF.  I know he’s been invited back. Please make this happen, please!’
Alexis Howell-Jones, Screenwriter

When: May 2nd ONLINE (Live and on demand)
11am to 6pm GMT (with breaks)
Tickets £48.50 with proceeds going to charity