Want to know if you’re a REAL writer? Here are the signs!

A little something for the weekend!

Ever wonder if you’re a “real” writer? Well, how about these for the signs

  1. You can never have enough coffee to keep you going – CHECK.
  2. Your friends and family are a tad sick of hearing about your latest writing project – CHECK.
  3. You have a stockpile of 15+ blank notebooks and journals and buy more faster than you fill them – CHECK. 
  4. You turn down plans with family and friends so you can keep writing – CHECK. 
  5. You think “this will make a great story” as you’re in the middle of an experience – CHECKCHECKCHECKCHECK!

Find out the other 21 things that mark you out in The Write Life’s 26 Obvious Signs You’re A Writer – worth a bookmark and/.or share for the animated .gifs alone!

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