Want To Make A Low Budget Film? Do It In 3 Easy Steps


There’s no doubt about it: low budget filmmaking offers very real opportunities for screenwriters to get those elusive credits. As we all know, some of the biggest names in screenwriting and filmmaking started in low budget, contained films … Even the Camerons, Tarantinos and Nolans had to start somewhere!

But where do WE start??? Well, according to this Telegraph article, screenwriters and filmmakers can do the above in just 3 Easy Steps as well!

(Not sure I’d say “easy”, though perhaps IDENTIFYING the 3 is easy … As we all know, what looks “easy” on screen is often damn HARD writing!).

In all seriousness, the article is a great shot in the arm for anyone wanting to get into low budget film. It breaks down the three things we all need to know, plus it offers great examples of produced content to illustrate.

So, that link again: How To Make A Low-Budget Film In 3 Easy Steps.

What are you waiting for??