What you missed at the London Screenwriter’s Festival Town Hall

In case you didn’t know, we are 45 days away from the London Screenwriter’s Festival which will take place in person on the 10th, 11th, and 12th, and we are psyched!

It was really refreshing to see lots of faces, some familiar and some new at the LSF town hall on the 19th! It was also invigorating to see a lot of people supporting the festival during this tumultuous period.

Most of the conversation was centralized around the precautions that will take place during the festival.

The LSF will be happening, but with covid measures in place.

Chris Jones and Bob Schultz cleared the air about several questions. Here are three of the key takeaways:

Safety is a priority.

  • It will be required that everyone download the NHS Covid-19 app, always wear a mask, and take daily flow tests, which can be collected at a nearby pharmacy for free.
  • It is recommended that everyone order 12 tests, as testing will be required three days before the festival, and every day in between festival dates. Better to be over prepared than caught short.
  • Order your tests as soon as possible. Testing will keep ourselves and everyone else safe.
  • The online part of the festival will be like the online festivals run last year in the summer, and February of this year.

Pitchfest, and other workshops have moved online.

  • Pitchfest will be moved online.
  • It will be a great opportunity to build relationships!
  • Pay attention to how they present themselves on zoom.
  • Three days of the festival are going to be filmed, edited, and uploaded to LSF Connect.
  • Online offers greater access and repeat viewing.
  • There will be lots of opportunities to meet as many people as you want in online networking.
  • The team is working 24/7 to accommodate every great new innovation and idea.

The team is taking festival planning day by day. So, remember to be patient with us! Keep an eye on your emails and LSF connect for any updates!

If anyone has any questions or future concerns, they should reach out to Bob at bob@londonswf.com.

LondonSWF Social Media Manager

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