What’s been going on at the LSF office?

You may not have heard much from us, but we have been beavering away at the LSF office. We have a whole new website infrastructure that we will be launching soon, and we are also remastering all of the LSF videos, from 2010, 2011 and the Comedy Festival in 2011. We are going to make ALL of these sessions available to all of our delegates.

Our fab intern Leah has begun working her way through nearly 100 video sessions, re-strapping, titling, rendering, exporting, uploading, checking, MP3 podcasting… it’s a mahoosive task, but once done, all our sessions will be in one place and ready for LSF delegates to watch.

Once they are done and the website has been beta tested, if you have ever bought a ticket for any festival, you will be getting an invite tom come and explore our whole new writers playground!

Love Team LSF x

PS – You can still get your LSF pass in March for £30 a month for eight months – sign up here (Scroll down to March Madness). Or get the full pass below for £240 and maximise your tax position – remember training IS tax deductible).