8 Sequence Structure – The Screenwriter’s Ultimate Weapon

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with Neal Romanek

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Writer/director Frank Daniel was one of the world’s great screenwriting teachers. Director David Lynch said of him, “I have to tell you he was my only teacher…He was a nobleminded and nonegoistic man, and no one understood the art of film making as he did.” 

Frank Daniel believed that the key to good film story structure was the effective use of the sequence, a progression of scenes with its own dramatic tension and climax. He taught that every feature film is made up of 8 sequences and that each sequence serves a unique function in moving the story forward. Students of Daniel and his 8 sequence method have gone on to dominate the film industry, yet the understanding of the film sequence is still a prized specialty.

Neal Romanek studied under Daniel at USC film school, with fellow students who included Matthew Weiner (Mad Men), Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman), and Lee Unkrich (Toy Story) and Scott Kosar (The Machinist). In this session, Neal will share his experience using Frank Daniel’s 8 sequence structure as a working screenwriter and pass on a storytelling tool that will transform your writing and the way they you think about at movies. You’ll come away with:

  • an understanding of the sequence as an essential part of film storytelling
  • the ability to analyze story structure in terms of sequences and to locate those sequences within a story
  • the skill to employ a powerful tool that will immediately improve your storytelling

Appearing in this session

Neal Romanek

Neal Romanek – Genre Fiction Writer

Credits include: Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Skies Of Venus

Neal has written narrative film and TV for Joel Silver, Mario Kassar, Lisa Henson and the legendary Dino Di Laurentiis.
Neal Romanek