Actors Table Read: LIVE

Actors Table Read: LIVE image

How do actors and a director approach your screenplay? What happens when your words are reinterpreted through other artists? Join us for a sensational live onstage performance and deconstruction of one LSF delegate’s script.

The Actors Table Read is an opportunity to observe actors and a director as they work on a script. In this live, unrehearsed session, the team will do what they would normally do the first day of rehearsals or when shooting a scene. Usually, the writer would not be present for this.

What will get cut out and why? What lines will have different impact once performed by actors? How will nuance and subtext begin to manifest in ways different from the writing? How will the time pressure of needing to get it all done in one hour play out?

Following the exercise, the team will open up for comments and questions from the audience.

This promises to be an extraordinarily illuminating session that may well change your writing forever.