Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Friday 9:30am

with Neil and Rob Gibbons
moderated by Declan Lowney

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In this session Alpha Papa director Declan Lowney quizzes screenwriters Neil and Rob Gibbons about their writing process on arguably the most successful British comedy feature of 2013.

Prior to Alpha Papa, Neil and Rob were more than well aquatinted with the ubiquitous Mr Partridge having created and written Mid Morning Matters as well as writing his critically acclaimed autobiography I, Partridge and the BAFTA nominated mockumentary Alan Partridge: Welcome To The Places Of My Life.  And who better placed to probe the creative minds behind one of the UK’s most iconic comedy characters than Declan Lowney, director of comedy cult classics Father Ted, Little Britain, Cold Feet and Married, Single, Other.

In the session the guys will discuss writing the Alpha Papa screenplay, rewriting on set then re-re-writing in the edit.  Additionally they will touch upon their earlier work and the differences between writing Alan in different formats before turning the tables on Declan and quizzing him about his role as director and the pressures of bringing such a well loved character to the big screen.

Appearing in this session

Neil and Rob Gibbons

Neil and Rob Gibbons – Screenwriters

Credits include: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Neil and Rob Gibbons are the writers behind the return of Alan Partridge.
Neil and Rob Gibbons
Declan Lowney

Declan Lowney – Director

Credits include: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Father Ted

Declan directed the cult classic Father Ted, Paul Whitehouse's BAFTA-nominated Happiness and the third series of Little Britain.
Declan Lowney