Clash of the Titans: Vogler and Aronson on stage together

Room: Herringham H243
Time: Sunday 10:30am


with Christopher Vogler and Linda Aronson

Clash of the Titans: Vogler and Aronson on stage together image

Christopher Vogler, the master of the Hero’s Journey model and Linda Aronson, the mistress of fractured narrative, flashback and multi-protagonist narrative join forces for the first time. Sparks will fly!

Together these two titans of storytelling, through the respective use of their story tools, principles and methods, will explore the way forward in the more dynamic, demanding and exciting world of storytelling that modern audiences now demand.

The Vogler ‘Hero’s Journey’ as a story model feels deeply human and familiar, it’s easy to get your head around it, it’s extremely malleable and also circular in form.

Understanding how this timeless model works in harmony with what at first appears to be complex story models proposed by Aronson – fractured narrative, multiple protagonists and flashback etc. will open up whole new stories for you in ways that feel both familiar and yet essential and ‘now’. Incidentally, this is also the fertile ground that TV is exploring now in long for story telling. We are indeed living through a golden age.

Both world leaders in their own disciplines, this session promises to be one of the unmissable highlights of the festival.

Appearing in this session

Christopher Vogler

Christopher Vogler – Hero's Journey Story Consultant

Credits include: The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Storytellers

Story consultant to the biggest names in Hollywood.
Christopher Vogler
Linda Aronson

Linda Aronson – Practitioner and screenwriter

Author of: The 21st-Century Screenplay

Linda Aronson returns to dazzle LSF delegates with her game changing explanations of how to construct non-linear and multiple storyline films.
Linda Aronson