Coen Brothers: Unlocking the Mystery of These Master Storytellers

Room: Herringham H243
Time: Friday 10.45am


Coen Brothers: Unlocking the Mystery of These Master Storytellers image

Together Joel and Ethan Coen have written and directed movies which have been nominated for 33 Academy Awards and won 6 while pursuing their distinctive storytelling vision.

Scott Myers digs deep into the Coen brothers movies revealing narrative dynamics you can use to craft the unique nature of your own stories.

  1. Ordinary Character / Extraordinary Circumstance
  2. The Long Shadow of Authority Figures
  3. The Shiny Hope of Grand Schemes
  4. The Dynamism of Violence
  5. Morally Complicated Universe
  6. Unresolved Endings

Learn how the Coen brothers approach traditional narrative structure in non-traditional ways and bring those sensibilities to your own writing.


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