Cracking Crime: Unforgotten Case Study

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Sunday 3:30pm


with Chris Lang, Mark Davis, and Sanjeev Bhaskar
moderated by Tom Kerevan

Cracking Crime: Unforgotten Case Study image

ITV found itself with a genuine hit on its hands with Unforgotten, the gripping drama where DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DS Sunil “Sunny” Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) unravel murder cases where the trail (and the victims) have long ago gone cold. Now through two series (and renewed for a third, the BAFTA-winning crime program is a full-blown phenomenon.

Join show Creator Chris Lang, star Sanjeev Bhaskar, and Editor Mark Davis as they reveal the secrets of crafting a long-form mystery and give you a peek behind the curtain of one of England’s most popular dramas.

In this exciting session, the team behind UNFORGOTTEN will discuss:

  • How to craft a long-form mystery/drama.
  • The origins of the show – the journey from creation to production.
  • The collaborative dynamic between three pivotal storytellers – Writer/Creator, Actor and Editor.
  • The balance between character and plot that brings an audience back for multiple episodes and keeps them on the edge of their seat.
  • Hitting the zeitgeist – is there a formula for success in one of the UK’s most prominent (and some might argue, overpopulated) TV genres?

This informative and in-depth session is perfect for the aspiring crime drama writer and Unforgotten fans alike.

Appearing in this session

Chris Lang

Chris Lang – Screenwriter

Credits include: Torn, Amnesia, A Mother's Son

Chris is the writer of over 100 hours of prime time British drama including the award winning 'Unforgotten'.
Chris Lang
Mark Davis

Mark Davis – Editor

Credits include: Taboo, Unforgotten, Sherlock, Peaky Blinders

Mark is an experienced short-form director with a successful background in cutting long-form drama for BBC, ITV and Channel Four. 
Mark Davis
Sanjeev Bhaskar

Sanjeev Bhaskar – Actor & Screenwriter

Credits include: Unforgotten, The Kumars

Sanjeev gained notoriety as creator and performer of the hit series 'Goodness Gracious Me'. Currently he stars in ITV's 'Unforgotten' and will soon be seen in 'Paddington 2'.
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Tom Kerevan

Tom Kerevan – Screenwriter - Producer/Founder of Cannibal Films

Credits include: Tear Me Apart

Tom's feature debut 'Tear Me Apart' premiered at the Austin Film Festival and he is currently working on his second feature ‘Gun’.
Tom Kerevan