Crafting the Perfect Character: The Heart of Your Story

Room: Darwin D06
Time: Friday 10.45am

005 - (T)

with Jon Gilbert

Crafting the Perfect Character: The Heart of Your Story image

Your characters need to connect with your audience. They drive the story through their choices. They must simultaneously be multi-layered and clearly-defined, nuanced and precise, complicated and accessible. And they must attract actors and directors.  Establishing an empathic bond with the audience is the only way for you to deliver your message. During this in-depth session, using a combination of clips, examples and exercises, we’ll explore:

  • The importance of a clear character arc.
  • Authenticity in your characters.
  • Which type of arc is the right one for your characters?
  • The key stages of change.
  • Defining your structure through your characters.
  • The end of the arc: must your character achieve her goals?
  • The steadfast character.
  • Effectively portraying a character in features versus television.

No matter where you are on your own arc to becoming a writer, now is the time for you to “meet the mentor” and perfect your skills with the most important tool in your writing tool box.

Appearing in this session

Jon Gilbert

Jon Gilbert – Screenwriter, Script Consultant

Credits include The Zigzag Kid

Jon is a screenwriter and script consultant with over fifteen years’ experience working in the UK and US film industries.
Jon Gilbert