David Leland: Screenwriting and the Art of Procrastination

Room: Tuke Hall

with David Leland

David Leland: Screenwriting and the Art of Procrastination image

David Leland is responsible for some of the most innovative and ground breaking TV and movies to come out of the UK in recent times (Wish You Were Here, Mona Lisa, Made In Britain, Personal Services, The Big Man, The Borgias).  With over 40 years wearing many caps in the business (actor, screenwriter and director), there’s nothing much that he hasn’t seen or done .

Joining us for the first time at LSF, when we asked David what he’d like to speak about, he simply said “I’d just like to talk to people, ask them questions, answer their questions…have a conversation, see if I can help”. And who are we to argue with that?

So come along and probe the mind of one of the most acclaimed and prolific Screenwriters working in Britain today.

NOTE that David has requested a smaller room for this session to encourage a more intimate and comfortable environment. Please make sure to get there early to ensure your seat in what should be one of the most unique and inspiring sessions this year!