Deconstructing ‘Memento’ with Linda Aronson

Room: Darwin D05
Time: Saturday 3:30pm

(T & H)

with Linda Aronson

Deconstructing ‘Memento’ with Linda Aronson image

Universally considered one of the greatest films of the nineties, ‘Memento’ employs fractured narrative and flashback, two tools frowned upon by many but so stunningly executed here. Join Linda Aronson as she deconstructs the movie in real time (with a few pauses).

To many of us, the structure of ‘Memento’ appears so complex and convoluted as to scare us right back into the three act structure. Linda will demystify the structure, revealing simplicity and elegance at the heart of the storytelling so that you too can master flashbacks and fractured narrative techniques.

We also recommend rewatching the film in advance and reading the screenplay (available for delegates).

You can also read the short story that it was based on HERE and listen to the audio verrsion narrated by Jonathan Nolan below…

Appearing in this session

Linda Aronson

Linda Aronson – Practitioner and screenwriter

Author of: The 21st-Century Screenplay

Linda Aronson returns to dazzle LSF delegates with her game changing explanations of how to construct non-linear and multiple storyline films.
Linda Aronson