Deep Characterisation

Room: Herringham Hall
Time: Sunday 3:30pm


Deep Characterisation image

A one-hour workshop to help you develop engaging and credible characters, based on the very latest psychological research.

Come along with an idea for a character that you want to create, and by the end of this workshop you’ll have fleshed out their complexities and nuances. You’ll also gain an excellent understanding of how to express these traits through action and dialogue in your script.

  • Discover how the “Big Five” personality traits bring characters to life
  • Build complexity into your character using the thirty facets of personality
  • Understand how these traits are expressed through action and dialogue
  • Learn which traits are associated with particular mannerisms, patterns of speech and even movement

Kira-Anne Pelican returns to the LSF with this essential session guaranteed to bring fresh insights into your character creation, shaping, complexities and nuances.