Dynamic Dialogue

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Sunday 9:00am


with Pilar Alessandra

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Revive bland exchanges, tune up character voices, create relationship tension and bring life to the page with Screenwriting Instructor Pilar Alessandra, director of the Los Angeles-based writing program “On the Page.”

You will leave this session with a new set of unique writing tools and techniques designed to help writers …

  • Define a language and voice for your characters.
  • Create memorable lines of dialogue.
  • Write engaging screen patter.
  • Manage exposition and monologue.

Don’t let the voices be the weak link in your script, come to this class and learn from one of the best in the business how to write dialogue that’s not just good or great, it’s downright DYNAMIC!

Appearing in this session

Pilar Alessandra

Pilar Alessandra – Script Consultant and Educator

Credits include: The Coffee Break Screenwriter

Pilar's students and clients have written for Lost, Prison Break, Nip Tuck, House of Lies, CSI and Family Guy.
Pilar Alessandra